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Five Quick Car Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Do Five Quick Car Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Do


Five Quick Car Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Do

Published 12th September 2023Read Time 4 min

Keeping on top of your car and driving doesn’t need to be complicated. There are simple ways we can improve our driving and cars through quick and easy maintenance. We can’t promise it will make you an overnight auto-wizard, but our tips will at least help you be more mindful of different aspects of driving.

Let’s look at five tips you can excel in and share with friends.

1 – Subtle checks on your car wing mirrors

This first tip is a must if you’re sharing a car with someone or about to drive a hire car/ car you’re unfamiliar with. When you’re getting ready to start a journey and have to re-adjust the mirrors, you might not be 100% sure of how they should be set up.

An easy way to get it right is to think of being overtaken or having a car behind you change lines. When you start driving, and this happens, you want to notice that when a vehicle behind you is moving, as soon as an outside headlight can’t be seen in your rear-view, it shows up in your wing mirror. That way, you know you have complete coverage.

2 – Removing pet smells with baking soda

If your four-legged friend is an avid fan of being in the car, and journeys can see you go everywhere from country parks to the beach, you might notice smells from where they sit down. While sprays can sometimes help alleviate odours, if you feel they need “lifted” out of the fabric, use some baking soda.

Sprinkling it over where you think a smell is, letting it sit for 20 minutes, and then hoovering up should see the smell become less noticeable.

However, we don’t recommend using baking soda as a cleaner, as it can damage the fabric when applied to a wet surface. When using it on odours, do a little spot test first.

3 – Check tyres when seasons change

Tyre pressure affects everything from comfort to brake distance. While it is common to check the PSI on a forecourt before a long journey, and many tyre brands recommend a monthly check, if you’re someone who wouldn’t check regularly, make a point of checking tyres when you notice a real change in the weather.

For example, when temperatures can drop sharply in winter, the air pressure inside tyres will fall too. Double-check what tyres you have, if they’re all-season tyres, and what the manufacturer’s site says.

4 – MOT time is Wiper time

Most people, when asked, wouldn’t have a clue when they’re supposed to replace wiper blades. As we’re in a part of the world where four seasons in a day is regular, wiper blades should be replaced yearly. If you can remind yourself that MOT Time is Wiper Time, you’ll create the association to do one with the other.

And if you’re driving a new car that still has a few years before its first check, if you notice any streaks or squeaking when using your wipers, these are tell-tale signs to get changed.

5 – Keep a first aid kit in the boot

The final quick tip is less something for the car itself and more focussed on the driver & passengers. Not enough people think to keep a first aid kit in their boot. There are some countries like Slovakia, Romania & Greece where it’s viewed as compulsory equipment for your car, but many countries in the EU and abroad overlook such an essential piece of kit. They’re convenient in a pinch, and for family cars, you can tailor yours to have essentials you know your family would need.

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