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Guide to getting insurance as a first-time driver Guide to getting insurance as a first-time driver

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Guide to getting insurance as a first-time driver

Published 30th May 2023Read Time 5 min

Getting insurance as a first-time driver

The glorious right of passage that is buying your first car can often be tainted slightly by the search for insurance as a first-time driver. What can you do to make it easier?

The cost of car insurance depends on many factors and variables. Age is one of these and often one of the most significant. This fact is because age is often associated with 'risk', and the riskier one might be to insure, the more expensive their car is likely to be. Young drivers haven't had the opportunity to gain as much experience on the roads. In 2022, 25% of the fatalities on Irish roads were from the 16-25 age category. Regarding driver fatalities in 2022, of the 60 drivers killed, nine were aged between 16-25.

How to cut down your risk as a first-time driver

Given there is little you can do to change your age, what can you do to improve your chances of getting a better deal on your car insurance as a first-time driver?

Choose a cheap yet reliable car.

As risk is such a significant factor, it goes without saying that the make, model and year of your car will play an essential role in your insurance premium. As a first-time driver, try and avoid higher-powered vehicles as they will increase the price of your premium. Look at the size of the engine as a smaller 1.0-litre engine will be a lot less to insure than a larger engine.

Cars such as the Suzuki Swift can make great cars for first-time drivers.

Be added as a named driver.

If you are very young, it might be an idea to spend some time as a named driver on a parent's car insurance policy, as this will allow you to gain valuable experience which will stand to you when it comes to getting your car insurance.

smiling handsome father teaching teen son driving car
If you are a young driver, initially, being insured as a named driver can be a good idea.

Make sure that your vehicle is secure and safe.

Where the car is parked overnight and what kind of security systems are fitted can all add up to lower car insurance premiums, so adding any security items can pay off in the long run. Make sure the car has an alarm and immobiliser fitted. Avoid some models of Japanese import models, such as the Toyota Vitz and Aqua, as they don’t come with an engine immobiliser and are stolen very often, so it might be difficult to get a quote for a young or first-time driver.

Thief looking inside a car window ready to steal something
Make sure your car is fitted with an alarm and immobiliser.

For the best first-time insurance deals, get a quote here or call 01-674 0443.