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A Guide to Tolls and Tolling in Ireland A Guide to Tolls and Tolling in Ireland

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A Guide to Tolls and Tolling in Ireland

Published 28th March 2018Read Time 14 min

Where are the toll locations in Ireland?

There are eleven toll roads in the Republic of Ireland, with twelve toll locations (the M3 route has two).

They are located as follows:

  • On the M1 in Meath between J7 Julianstown and J8 Duleek
  • On the M3 in Meath between J5 Dunboyne and J6 Dunshaughlin
  • On the M3 in Meath between J9 Navan North and J10 Kells
  • On the M4 on the Kildare/Meath bounds, between J8 Kilcock and J9 Enfield
  • On the M6 in Galway between J15 Ballinasloe West and J16 Loughrea
  • On the M7 in Laois between J18 Portlaoise West and the M8 jct
  • On the M8 in Cork between J16 Rathcormac and J17 Watergrasshill
  • On the N25 Waterford City Bypass, near where it meets the M9 at Grannagh
  • On the M50 in Dublin between J6 Blanchardstown and J7 Lucan – this one is barrier-free
  • At the Port Tunnel in Dublin
  • At Tom Clarke Bridge in Dublin city centre (East-Link)
  • At the Limerick Tunnel (on the N18 between J2 Dock Rd and J3 Cratloe)

How to use the M50 toll road

On the M50, you do not need to stop, as this toll uses a video and sensor capture system to take note of your registration number.

The approach to the toll is indicated with roadside signposts and road markings. The actual tolling point is identified with a gantry which spans 4 lanes each side. The gantry shows a purple “TOLL HERE” sign, and contains a set of overhead cameras as seen below.

All other toll roads have a plaza with a variety of toll booths.

How much are tolls in Ireland?

How to avoid shuffling for change

Tolls all vary in cost depending on your vehicle type, but here’s a handy guide for pricing on all toll roads for a car or van.

(Prices last updated September 2023)

Vehicle M1, N6, M7-M8, N8, Limerick Tunnel, N25 M3 Clones M4 East Link Toll
Motorcycles (exceeding 50cc) € 1.10 € 0.80 € 1.70 Free
Motor Cars € 2.10 € 1.60 € 3.20 € 1.90
Buses or Coaches € 3.80 € 2.40 € 4.90 € 2.90
Goods Vehicles under 3,500 kgs € 3.80 € 2.40 € 4.90 €2.90*
Goods Vehicles over 3,500 kgs with 2 or 3 axles € 5.40 € 3.20 € 6.50 €390 (2) / €4.80 (3)*
Goods Vehicles over 3,500 kgs with 4 or more axles € 6.80 € 4.00 € 7.90 €5.80*

Outside of these, 2 tolls have their own fees/rules in place.

Dublin Port Tunnel is as follows regardless of direction:

  • €10 from 6am to 10am on Weekdays
  • €3 any other time (and public holidays)

Dublin Port Toll Rules

Dublin Port Tunnel is as follows regardless of direction:

  • €10 from 6am to 10am on Weekdays
  • €3 any other time (and public holidays)

The only exception is for vehicles over 3500kg, which are exempt from tolls. This is due to so much feight traffic using the route.

How much is the M50 Toll?

The M50 is toll-free and has its own set of rules.

Cars pay between €2.30-€3.50 depending on whether your vehicle is tagged or unregistered on the eFlow system. We recommend reading the information in the TII site on how the eFlow system works, especially if you’re reading this from outside Ireland and are planning on driving while here.

How do you pay for tolls?

Eleven of Ireland’s toll locations have a regular barrier toll plaza and you can pay there and then.

All of the tolls accept cash but vary when it comes to card payments.

Again, this information is correct as of September 2023:

Payment M1, M4, N6, M7-M8, N8, N25, M3 M3 Clones, Limerick, East Link
Cash Yes Yes
Card Yes No
e-Toll Tag Yes Yes
Online Afterwards Yes Yes

Remember, The M50’s toll is barrier free. You can pay online HERE or by going to a Payzone outlet, which are located across Ireland. You must pay your toll by 8pm the day after your travel, otherwise a late payment penalty will be incurred. You can also pay using their M50 Quick Pay app, which is available for download form Apple and Android HERE

What to do if you drive around a lot

(how not to need coins in the car)

There are a number of companies providing toll tags for frequent users – this is a small tag you install in the front of your vehicle (usually at the top of the windscreen). Most of these now work for all toll plazas in Ireland, and allow you to go through the express lanes at a toll plazas. The fee is either taken from your account or added to a bill, depending on your set-up.

At the M50 toll, drivers pay €1 less per toll when using a tag. For more information on tag providers please click HERE.

With the M50, you also have the option of a video account. This gives you a saving of 50c per journey, no next day deadline and the option to prepay. This account only works on the M50 eToll. To sign up for the account visit

Better driving on Irish Motorways


If you have other questions about motorway usage, check out our Motorway FAQs here: they include everything you need to know about speed limits, cameras, and diversion symbols. We also have info on what you should do if you break down on a motorway here.

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