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Toll Tag - All You Need To Know Toll Tag - All You Need To Know

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Toll Tag - All You Need To Know

Published 1st May 2018Read Time 3 min

Following on from our guide to tolling in Ireland, we’ve put together some additional advice on using toll tags in Ireland.
Why should I have a tag in my car?
Ever get to the barrier and scramble for change, missed the M50 next day deadline or been delayed at barriered tolled roads?
With a tag in your car, you don’t have to stress about either and can keep driving when you get to the toll barrier. Many tag providers also offer other discounts and deals with a tag accounts such as discounted car washes and parking making it a no-brainer to have one in your car.
Where can I get a tag?
Simply visit and select your preferred tag provider. Your new tag should take a few days to get to your door step.
What roads can I use my tag on?
Your tag will work on all toll roads in the Republic of Ireland. Here’s the list of them below:

  • M50 Barrier-Free Toll
  • M1 (Gormanston – Monasterboice)
  • M3 (Clonee – Kells)
  • M4 (Kilcock – Enfield – Kinnegad)
  • N6 (Galway – Ballinasloe)
  • M7/M8 (Portlaoise – Castletown/Portlaoise – Cullahill)
  • N8 (Rathcormac – Fermoy Bypass)
  • N25 (Waterford City Bypass)
  • East-Link Bridge
  • Dublin Port Tunnel
  • Limerick Tunnel

How do I install the tag in my car?
Check out Kevin below on how to install a tag in your car. There is also a checklist HERE for more information on installing your tag.
The tag doesn’t work – Help!
Firstly, check to see if your tag is correctly positioned in the car. Make sure that if you have an Athermic windscreen it is placed within the designated area or if you drive a truck or bus make sure it is low and centred so the barrier can detect it as seen in the video above.
Other reasons your tag might not work might be that your account is suspended, the battery on your tag is low or that the wrong car could be assigned to the tag. If you’re still having trouble, contact your tag provider who can help.