Hard to imagine a dafter speed limit that this one!

Early days for our Speed Limits campaign, but it is hard to imagine a dafter limit than this one. Many thanks to William from Co. Westmeath for this one, which is from Ballykeeran near Athlone. Definitely a €25 winner, and an early contender for ‘Ireland craziest speed limit’.

Do please keep them coming in to publicaffairs@aaireland.ie. Photos are helpful but just send in the details in plain text if that is easier.


  1. Honestly I don’t think speed limits set too high is a big problem. Anyone who is going to try to get up to a speed limit that makes no sense shouldn’t be driving. Speed limits set too low is a much bigger problem!

  2. Several of the perimeter roads around waterford city encourage drivers to break the speed limit.The limit is a rediculous 50 kilometers per hour .In my view a 60 km limit would be very adequate in areas where there are access roads to housing estates.The credability of the speed limits would be upheld, whereas presently the vast majority of drivers do not adhere to the limits.This is quite dangerous as those who do adhere to the limit are overtaken causing a serious danger.

    Many direction signposts are not large enough to be seen clearly, when the weather is bad this compounds the problem.A driver who is not familiar with a road or where the sighposting is unclear often hesitates makes a error which can cause accidents or frustration to other drivers.

    When leaving Blanchardstown Village and heading towards the M50 south its a miracle to find yourself on the correct ramp when driving around a blind half circle and being faced with a V, the road divides in two immediatly .There is absolutely no time to get into the correct lane, its absolutely dangerous for drivers .

  3. The stretch of road (R339) from Carnmore cross, just outside Galway city, past Galway airport and all the way into the Briarhill junction has a 60kmph limit. Off it, on either side, are smaller roads with 80kmph limits. The stretch of road in question is straight and wide. There are houses and footpaths on one side so I imagine that has something to do with the 60kmph limit.

    However, not too far away, at Oranbeg, just outside Oranmore, where the road from Galway city splits into the Dublin (R446) and Limerick roads, the speed limit on the Dublin road is 100kmph immediately after you exit the roundabout. The road passes houses and businesses and has footpaths on both sides of the road for a couple of hundred metres and is narrower than the stretch of road at Galway airport. A candidate for an 80kmph limit if ever there was one.

    Crazy? Probably not but it does seem inconsistent.

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