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AA Home Insurance

How much is Home Insurance?

Published 26th July 2023Read Time 4 min

The cost of home insurance varies depending on a range of factors including the size of the house and other risks such as flooding. We go through some of details that you need to know about.


The cost of Home Insurance

Prices for Home Insurance ranged from €455 to €865 according to a study by Money Guide Ireland. However, this was for a 4-bedroom detached house in Galway with a rebuild cost of €280,000. Obviously, this will vary vastly depending on a range of factors.

Home Insurance premiums have risen in recent years, but by doing some research you can find the right policy for you. Many people have seen renewals rising from a couple of hundred Euro up to closer to a thousand Euro.

What affects your Home Insurance cost?

If you call up the AA for an Home Insurance quote, you will be asked a number of questions. This is all to figure out how much your premium will be, based on the risk profile of your home.

Having high quality locks on your doors and windows will help with security. The existence of flat roofs can increase the risk of leaks and hence the price of your policy. The size of your house will have an impact on the premium also. Rebuild Costs

One of the big questions to answer is the rebuild cost. This is how much it would cost to rebuild your home if tragedy struck. For example, if your house suffered irreparable fire damage, how much would it cost to build it back again?

Contents Insurance for your Home

It’s always a good idea to have the contents of your home insured as well as the home itself. This is where Contents Insurance comes in. Basically it insures all of the stuff that you would bring with you if you were to move home.

Beyond that, AA Contents Insurance will cover some things such as the contents of your freezer in case you lose power and food goes off. It can also cover Fire Brigade Call Out fees. Read here for a full list of the benefits.

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What else does your AA policy cover?

We reward you for taking out a policy with us if you already have some other AA products. For example, if you have AA Membership or AA Car Insurance then you get extra discounts on your Home Insurance.

All AA Home Insurance products now come with Emergency Home Rescue. From drains cover to failure of internal electrics, we’ve got you covered should something unexpected happen.

You can also get exclusive discount with our partners. AA customers get 3c per litre off at Circle K garages. You can get 15% off items at Mick’s Garage if you need anything from engine oil, to bulbs and roof boxes.