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AA Membership

Do I Need Breakdown Cover?

Published 16th December 2020Read Time 3 min

If you have a breakdown assistance cover, it entitles you to roadside assistance should you experience car trouble, meaning you don’t need to worry about what to do if you experience a breakdown.
If you’re an AA member and you breakdown, simply call us and we’ll fix your vehicle by the roadside or, if it needs repair work, tow you to a nearby garage. Depending on your level of cover, our breakdown service also helps you continue your travel, recover your vehicle to any destination within the Republic of Ireland or call to your home to assist with a breakdown.

Am I Legally Required to Have Breakdown Cover?

In short, breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement, but it can greatly reduce the hassle that breakdowns cause. While purchasing breakdown cover gives peace of mind to all drivers, it can be particularly reassuring for older or inexperienced drivers, who may not feel safe stuck in a hard shoulder or attempting emergency repairs themselves.
Specially during winter season, drivers are at high risks that may lead to mishaps on the road.

How Expensive Is Breakdown Cover?

This will depend on the level of cover you opt for, but with the AA roadside rescue is available from as little as €10 per month. In return, you will be covered in any car that you are travelling in, while also being covered in the Northern Ireland and the UK, If you’re still unsure, why not find out more about why you should trust our AA patrols.

What Else Should I Consider When Buying Breakdown Cover?

It’s also important to remember that buying roadside assistance cover in advance will likely work out cheaper than attempting to purchase cover when you’ve already broken down. Furthermore, with the AA, our patrols fix 8 out of every 10 breakdowns on the roadside, meaning you can avoid any trips to a garage or lengthy delays.
Also worth considering is how often you use a car other than your own. While most breakdown cover options are tied specifically to a single car, at the AA we’ve always cared more about people than cars. This means that even if you’re using someone else’s car when you breakdown, you’ll still be fully covered under your AA membership.
Don’t forget that our AA Membership is now available from just €10 per month.