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ID.7 Meets the World ID.7 Meets the World

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ID.7 Meets the World

Published 17th April 2023Read Time 16 min

The Volkswagen ID.7 makes its global premiere!

Volkswagen ID.7

Volkswagen have sold more than half a million of the ID. range globally since the iD.3 burst onto the scene in 2020. A few years later, we are now seeing the launch of the sixth ID. vehicle. The iD.7 will be available as a fastback, and in time as a Shooting Brake.

What is the ID.7?

The ID.7 is Volkswagen’s newest addition to its EV family. It is a fastback style saloon, which will also be released as a ‘Shooting Brake’. The all-electric estate will have a large battery giving a range of up to 700km on a single charge. It features an upgraded Rear Wheel Drive motor with more than 200kW of power.

Martin Meiners
White Volkswagen ID.7

What does the VW ID.7 look like?

The ID.7 we saw at the preview is the fastback. It is a large vehicle, at 4.94m long, and it has a whopping 2.97m long wheelbase. The front end undoubtedly received some feedback from the engineers in the wind tunnel. It is quite sleek in appearance, with a much lower profile at only 1.53m tall. The excellent drag co-efficient of 0.23 is a welcome by-product of its sleek profile. The window line sits slighter higher than you might expect, giving the car a more hunkered down look.

Volkswagen ID.7 interior

What is the range of the ID.7?

The ID.7 will feature two different battery sizes, both of which will have excellent range. The smaller battery is the 77kWh pack that we have seen employed in the ID. range to date. This will take you up to 600km.

However, the ID.7’s generous wheelbase of 2.97m allows the engineers to add some extra battery modules onto the MEB platform. As a result, we will be treated to 85kWh of energy for an expected WLTP range figure of 700km.

Granted, those figures are a little optimistic and will only be achieved in ideal circumstances. But we can still expect real world ranges of around 500km in most scenarios.

For a bit of context, these figures will give the ID.7 a greater range than the Tesla Model 3 Long Range or Hyundai IONIQ 6!

What is the inside of the ID.7 like?

The design follows with the ID. range to date, but there are some noticeable and very welcome upgrades. Volkswagen are listening to customer feedback and making some necessary changes.

The seats in the ID.7 are excellent. We found them to be well padded, shaped and very comfortable. As you would hope, they are heated. They are also cooled. We drove the ID.7 in sunny Spain and were able to put the cooled seats to good use. You will also be able to get the car with massage seats. They were on the pre-production model that we had on test.

There is plenty of usable space inside the ID.7 and it feels quite roomy. Rear legroom is impressive thanks to that stretched-out wheelbase. In the boot, you are treated to 532 litres luggage capacity. It is very practical also thanks to the hatchback styling. You will have no issues fitting in buggies, golf clubs and large suitcases. The boot has a flat floor making it easy to slide packages in and out. It is also modular, meaning that you can adjust it for when you need more space.

Much improved User Interface!

Critics of the previous ID. vehicles were let down by the user interface. The system wasn’t intuitive, there was a lack of shortcut buttons and some of the dials were unusable at night as they were not illuminated. The vast majority of these valid criticisms have been addressed in the ID.7

The driver’s display is quite small, but this is intentional by the Volkswagen engineers as they place the focus on the Heads Up Display (HUD). It keeps attention on the road as all the information you need is displayed at eye level as you look out the windscreen.

Perhaps the best improvement in terms of usability is the addition of plenty of short cuts. The ID.7 has permanent shortcuts to the climate control functions at the bottom of the screen. You can easily change temperature, turn on heated seats, and if you’re feeling lazy then simply talk to the car by saying something like ‘hey ID. warm my feet’!

Martin Meiners
Martin Meiners | Photographer: MARTIN MEINERS | Copyright: Volkswagen AG

There are also a number of shortcut options at the top of the screen to bring you to other features such as navigation and settings. You can also change these around to suit your individual preferences.

Even though the screen and its usability is excellent, Volkswagen engineers have made some significant improvements to what’s called the digital voice assistant. You can make specific requests of the car, such as changing settings, displaying certain features, or even asking what the weather is like at your destination.

How fast is the ID.7?

Volkswagen have developed a new 210kW electric motor that will power the ID.7. That means that you’ll have 286hp and 545Nm of torque available. We tested the ID.7 on twisty mountainous roads in the Spanish countryside. There certainly was no shortage of power and torque to get us up those hills!

The motor is also much more efficient than its predecessors. They have employed better magnets that resist heat, operating more efficiently under stress. They cooling system also works in a much more simple way. In summary, you get a much more powerful motor that is actually more efficient.

White Volkswagen ID.7 driving

How much does the ID.7 cost?

VW won’t give us pricing yet as the car is still pre-production. Volkswagen said that the car will be produced alongside the ID.4 in the Emden production facility. This is expected to be in June of this year. The Irish market is hinted to get the car at the very end of 2023. Deliveries will start properly at the start of 2024.

Overall thoughts

We think that the ID.7 has a little more refinement and elegance than the rest of the ID. stable. Its sleek form is a welcome break from the sheer number of SUVs on the road. Inside, they are pushing for a slightly more premium look and feel. It works very well.

The ID.7 drives superbly, with an excellent suspension. It feels soft while cruising, but holds its shape very well in cornering and under heavy acceleration. Excellent sound insulation, coupled with the quietness of the electric motor make for a very relaxing and refined drive.

Volkswagen have employed some sophisticated technology in the ID.7. The Heads up Display, Digital Voice Assistant, use of swarm data and the advanced climate control all add up to an impressive arsenal of features.

The ID.7 will likely take a deserved place as a flagship vehicle in Volkswagen’s electric range of vehicles. It really is an impressive machine. We reserve final judgment until we see pricing. Until we find that out, we wait with bated breath!

Martin Meiners
Volkswagen’s flagship EV, the ID.7

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