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Knights in AA Uniforms - Why the AA is Tops! Knights in AA Uniforms - Why the AA is Tops!

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Knights in AA Uniforms - Why the AA is Tops!

Published 4th July 2011Read Time 2 min

Customer care and quality of service shines through
Feedback from AA Customer Care staff member, Michael Kelly:
I had a lady on the phone earlier, Lucy, who was previously an AA customer for insurance. She had always got her insurance with the AA but last year she switched to another company as they were around the same price but gave free breakdown service. Her husband and sister also switched to this company for the same reasons.
However during the year Lucy had a breakdown 10 miles from her home. She called her breakdown service who responded. They didn’t make a great attempt at repairing the fault and towed Lucy to her home and advised her after that she had to pay over one hundred euro’s for the service which she believed was included when she took out the insurance.
As you would expect Lucy was very disappointed with this and has advised me that she will be returning to the AA for insurance along with her husband and sister once there policies have run out in January. Lucy said she was sorry she ever left the AA and would not be doing so again as she finds the service by everybody she has dealt with within the AA to be exceptional.”

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