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Fuel prices

March Fuel Price Survey

Published 22nd March 2024Read Time 3 min

AA Ireland March Fuel Price Survey shows Petrol and Diesel dropping slightly while EV fuel costs rise
  • Petrol drops 8c per litre to €1.63 per litre

  • Diesel drops 8c per litre to €1.64 per litre

  • Crude oil rises to circa $86 per barrel

  • Electric Vehicle fuelling rises by 2.8%

On average petrol drops 8c per litre to €1.63 and diesel drops 8c per litre to €1.64. Prices remain elevated above 2023 lows of €1.57 for petrol and €1.47 for diesel. EV fuel costs have increased month on month by circa 2.8% mainly driven by standard at home charge rates with two main providers.

The AA Ireland’s latest monthly Fuel Price Survey has shown a slight drop in petrol and diesel prices over the last few weeks after a slight rise in February. 

Jennifer Kilduff, Head of Marketing & PR for the AA (Ireland), welcomed the decrease, saying “Motorists in Ireland are continuing to struggle with motoring costs, this fuel price decrease will help. Unfortunately, these prices will be short lived as on the 1st of April the reinstatement of excise duty will come into effect. This means we will see a 4cpl increase on petrol and 3cpl increase on diesel. This is a legal requirement and the retailer will have no choice but to reflect this increase at the pump.” Mrs Kilduff added.

AA Ireland customers can avail of 3 cents off a litre from Circle K via the AA Ireland App

Electric Vehicle fuelling costs this month show a slight increase of circa €25 per year meaning EV owners can expect to pay circa €925 per year compared to last months €900 to cover the national average of 17,000km per year.

Kilduff added that “EV drivers should continue to shop around to get the best rates possible on their home electricity. Those with smart meters can take advantage of cheap night-time rates. If EV drivers continue to educate themselves on how to drive smarter and more efficiently, there are significant savings to be made.”

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