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More blackspots to be targeted by speed cameras More blackspots to be targeted by speed cameras


More blackspots to be targeted by speed cameras

Published 2nd January 2013Read Time 1 min

As planned new locations identified as accident black spots are to be targeted by Go Safe speed camera vans this year in a bid to get drivers to slow down and reduce the loss of life and number of serious injuries sustained on our roads.  The new locations have been choosen following a review of a 5 year data set which identifies the most dangerous stretches of road in the country. First rolled out in November 2010, and fully operational since early November 2011 we believe that Go Safe speed camera vans are a legimate and effective means of stamping out speeding at notorious black spots.  We also know that from our interactions with motorists that most of you support them as a good road safety initiative.   Over the coming weeks and months local authorities will be erecting signs to alert drivers that they are in a speed camera zone.  These areas will also be available via the Garda website here.

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