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New Car Review: Peugeot e2008 Allure Pack New Car Review: Peugeot e2008 Allure Pack

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New Car Review: Peugeot e2008 Allure Pack

Published 19th December 2021Read Time 9 min

Starting Price: €32,925**

Price as tested: €34,635**


  • Very attractive and easy-to-live with full-electric SUV.


  • The steering wheel blocks the dials for taller drivers. 
This is a photo of a Vertigo Blue Peugeot e2008 driving on a road.
The Peugeot e2008


The Peugeot 2008 is an extremely likeable compact SUV that starts at under €28,000 as a 1.2-litre 100hp petrol car and it is also available as a 1.5-litre HDi diesel, but here we’ve been driving the full EV version, the e2008 and there is a big feeling of déjà vu, because it is, of course, a shared platform and EV powertrain with the DS3, Opel Mokka and Citroen e-C4. So you have a 50kW battery, and a 136hp electric motor, which has a WLTP range of 310km, which of course depends on a number of factors, but isn’t all that likely. In winter and driving it without too much hypermiling you will manage around 230 or so and that might well be fine for most people. This isn’t a long-range EV and shouldn’t be treated as such. What it is, is a handsome, charming electric SUV that isn’t without its flaws but is eminently likeable. 


The e2008 is a pretty car. Of course, looks are subjective and for this writer, the Opel Mokka is marginally prettier but the Peugeot is a nice-looking thing nonetheless. Peugeot is getting a lot right when it comes to styling these days and this model is no exception, with Peugeot design now a lot less cartoony and way more refined. This is the compact SUV shape that is so coveted right now and while the Orange Fusion of our test car might not be to everyone’s take, you won’t pay any extra for that, whereas you will need to cough up €585 if you want a more subtle shade, such as Onyx Black or Nimbus Grey, but you’ll pay €780 if you want Elixir Red or Pearlescent White or Vertigo Blue. Pick a safe colour if resale value is a big concern. Pick an interesting colour if you are jaded by all the dull colours of cars these days. 

This is a photo of the rear of the Peugeot e2008, the colour is Vertigo Blue.
The e2008 is handsome, with good road manners.


It looks really good. But there are some flaws. The wrap-around look of the cabin, with its carbon-look inserts, looks really well. The piano black inlays are smart but get smudged and marked way too easily by fingerprints and you find yourself constantly wiping otherwise the area starts to look grubby. Then there is the steering wheel. The small steering wheel feels nice, but there is an issue. If you are tall, like me, then when you get your seat in the right position, you can’t see the 3D dials because the top of the steering wheel sits slap, bang in the middle. So in order to see the dials you need to place the steering wheel down on your lap, which isn’t very nice, or indeed clever. It seems like a really strange design decision because I am tall but not a total giant (189cm) and it really spoils the experience. Anyway, for the smaller than 6’2 lot, this might not be much of an issue and the Peugeot cabin is generally a nicer place to be. The 3D i-Cockpit looks really good but the i-Cockpit 7.0” Capacitive colour touchscreen isn’t that intuitive and weirdly, doesn’t seem to operate CarPlay when you use the USB-C port, which is the more modern connection but does with the USB-A. 

This is a photo of the interior of the Peugeot e2008 with a piano black interior.
The cabin of the e2008 marks easily with finger prints and the dials are obscured by the steering wheel for taller drivers.


The e2008 drives really well and it is especially suited to urban environments where it really comes into its own as an urban EV. Stretch its legs a little out of town on the motorway and this EV starts to grumble slightly as the range, especially in cold weather does drop at a pretty alarming rate. The steering is light, the car is very quick to change direction and the power delivery is, as you might expect, nice and urgent as it’s an EV with a decent amount of power. We were getting around 230km from a full charge in our week with the car, but what is good about this car and others from the same group is that you don’t have to drive around freezing your bits off as turning on the AC doesn’t seem to affect the range as much as it does in other EVs (I am looking at you Škoda ENYAQ). This is a really, very likeable car to drive that would be ideal if you have a charging point at home, your commute isn’t too big and your kids aren’t giants, as the rear space is fine for smaller kids, but gets a little cosier once they start heading towards six feet in height. 


A really strong selling point for the e2008 is the price point. You can get into the entry-level Active spec of the car for under €33,000 including the available SEAI grant and VRT relief and that is good value, as its only about €2,000 more than the equivalent diesel version, so it makes the move to EV a little bit more within reach. The model we were driving was the middle spec Allure version, which including grants comes in at €34,635. All models get a DAB radio, Bluetooth telephone and audio, 7” i-Cockpit, Push Button Start, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and 16” alloy wheels. Our Allure model adds 17” Salamanca diamond cut alloy wheels, 3D head up instrument panel, gloss black B-pillar, electric parking brake and other items. At the top of the range is the GT model for €36,745 including grants which gets things like full LED lights with Smartbeam Assist, heated front seats and a larger 10” infotainment screen.


The 2008 received a four-star Euro NCAP safety rating and the standard equipment on each e2008 in terms of safety equipment is really very good. It includes ABS with EBD (electronic braking distribution) and EBA (Emergency Braking Assistance), ESP with Hill Start Assist, Peugeot Connect SOS and Assistance and a Lane Keep Assist. 


This is a very likeable eSUV, that will tick a lot of boxes for many buyers starting off in the full-electric world. The pricing of this model is really good, but its Opel Mokka stablemate is arguably a prettier car and doesn’t have the same odd steering wheel set-up. Another car to consider from the same wider stable is the Citroën eC4 – which is possibly more clever in terms of interior layout. Either way, with supplies of anything with a plug not being superb at the moment, if you can get your hands on an e2008, you might not be too fussy. Overall, this is a very charming car, which has its flaws but is very, very likeable. 

Spec Check:

Peugeot e2008 Allure

Engine: 50kW Battery / 136hp Electric Motor 

Power: 136hp

Torque: 300Nm


Fuel Economy: X

Top Speed: 149 km/h

Transmission: Single Speed Auto

Co2: 0g/km

Annual Motor Tax: €120

Luggage Capacity: 434-litres 

Price as tested: €34,635

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