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Our Advice On Intensive Driving Lessons Our Advice On Intensive Driving Lessons

Learning to Drive

Our Advice On Intensive Driving Lessons

Published 21st August 2023Read Time 3 min

Intensive driving lessons are great for those eager to get on the road as soon as possible, but it’s definitely a more challenging experience. Have a read at our guide on everything you will need to know if you choose intensive driving lessons.

What are Intensive Driving Lessons?

Intensive driving lessons are more or less normal driving lessons crammed in over a shorter period of time rather than the usual couple of months it takes to learn to drive. Due to how much you have to learn in a shorter period of time, this is where the ‘intensive’ comes from. Intensive driving courses aim to teach you to pass within 2 days to 2 weeks. 

Is it possible to pass the driving test that fast?

Yes definitely. Learning to drive in such a short time frame is possible and is done by many each year. It depends on factors such as previous driving experience (it helps but isn’t a requirement), eagerness to learn and how fast you can absorb information.  

A lot of people who take intensive driving lessons have had some experience with driving growing up and use the intensive lessons to learn some of the more complex stuff in the test than feeling confident with the basics.

How much do intensive driving lessons cost?

There is usually a tiered system depending on how many days you need, but it will roughly cost between €500 to €1,200. For 3 day’s worth of intensive lessons may cost around €500, while 10 days cost €1,200. Depending on the driving school, You can also expect 2 – 6 hours of lessons per day.

This can vary based on where you’re living,  as demand can be higher in several counties, and people are more likely to book intensive courses in the summer (e.g. students coming home from university and college).

Will you feel prepared for the driving test?

That depends on you as you may feel you need more lessons before going for the test. The idea behind intensive lessons is that it’s a more focused learning experience that submerges you into driving rather than dragged over months. This ‘throw in at the deep end’ approach should help you to learn faster and be more confident when you come to do the test. 

If you’re getting ready for your first go at the test, read our Tips to prepare for the driving test.

Are intensive driving lessons an automatic pass?

No, there’s no guarantee that intensive driving lessons will help you pass the first time. While intensive lessons should increase your chances of passing the test, it doesn’t mean you will always pass. Factors such as confidence levels (overconfidence can hinder) and driving skills are more important when passing.

Think you’re near ready to get onto the road?

If you are near ready to get onto the road and eager to get started, don’t forget to check our AA Young Driver Car Insurance. Designed for drivers under 25, we can offer better rates & free roadside assistance.