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New Year New Me: Smart Up & Drive! New Year New Me: Smart Up & Drive!

Learning to Drive

New Year New Me: Smart Up & Drive!

Published 6th January 2023Read Time 4 min

As part of our New Year New Me series of blog posts, we wanted to highlight some people out there who are new to one major life goal: driving!

Whether you’re a young driver and this will be your first year out on the road (and hopefully passing your test with flying colours), or your resolution is to finally learn how to drive, it’s going to be a significant life experience. With that comes a few responsibilities and actions any new driver needs to take.

So how can new drivers get into gear to improve themselves on the road in 2023? Here are some of the common questions the AA team get asked that you should know about to be a more competent driver, understand the costs involved, and how to take care of yourself behind the wheel at a fair price.

How much is a driving test in Ireland?

Ah yes, the big thing new/learner drivers always forget about when starting– the cost of learning to drive and (hopeful) cost of a test (hopeful as in we hope you pass on the first go). Unless you’re planning on being a bus or truck driver, driving tests in Ireland (as of Jan 2023) cost €85 a go for a standard car.

Don’t forget that it also costs €55 to apply for your new license after passing, whether online or in an NDLS centre.

How many driving lessons do you have before a test?

This is one of those two-prong answers that young drivers need to know more about. Nobody can take a test without first having had the RSA’s recommended 12 one-hour Essential Driver Training (EDT) sessions, although there are some chances to do condensed six-hour courses.

According to research from ADI Driving, the average price in Ireland to cover those 12 sessions sits between €550-€600, so you’re looking at an average of €50 a lesson.

Looking to ace your driving test?

If you’re in the middle of lessons and the big day is coming, don’t fret or sweat. Check out our top tips to pass the driving test in Ireland. It has some very handy information, especially if you’re second-guessing what happens/ what you need to do on the day of a test.

For those just starting as part of their New Year’s resolution, you might find our advice to passing your theory test helpful too.

The cost of staying safe on the road

You need to be insured to be on the road, and it’s almost a given that young/new drivers have to pay higher premiums on their insurance. That doesn’t mean your car needs to have tracking devices installed that measure everything all at once. With AA Young Driver’s Insurance, we trust young drivers enough not to track them, doing so while offering competitive rates and FREE roadside assistance. You can learn more here, or chat with someone on 0818 227 228.

If you’re unsure what happens after passing, we already have a guide highlighting what to do after you’ve passed your driving test.