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Learner Driver holding learner plate Learner Driver holding learner plate


Tips to pass the driving test in Ireland

Published 1st July 2022Read Time 6 min

So you have put in the hard work; you’ve passed your driver theory test, you’ve completed your driving lessons, you’ve practiced a lot and you are up to date on the Rules of the Road. You are finally ready to sit the driving test.

Now, you might be feeling nervous or overwhelmed, but don’t worry because the AA are here to help you prepare! We might not be able to take away all your anxiety, but we can give you some excellent tips on how to pass the driving test in Ireland.

Driving Lessons

In order to sit the driving test, you are required to complete 12 essential driver training (EDT) lessons with an approved driving instructor. However, do more lessons than you think you need! This will build your confidence and help you become more comfortable, especially when driving under pressure. It’s important too to make sure you find the right driving instructor for you. We’ve written about this here.

Keep in mind that when you have driving lessons in your driving instructor’s vehicle, you’re covered on their insurance. But, if you are using your own car or someone else’s to practise in, then it means you will need to purchase insurance. You can either be added to someone else’s policy as a named driver or you can get your own learner driver insurance.

There are many companies out there that offer insurance for learner drivers. Why not let the AA help you find a great deal? You can do so by clicking online here.

What about Pre-Tests?

Pre-tests are a great idea for anyone who is looking to pass the driving test in Ireland. Our advice would be to do at least one pre-test before the actual test because it will give you an idea of what to expect and it will pick up any bad driving habits. It should also take some of the nerves and fear away.

Check what you need to bring to the driving test

To sit your driving test, you will need a valid learner permit that is in date and for the correct category of vehicle for your test. You cannot drive to the test centre on your own and if you fail, you cannot leave on your own, so you will need to be accompanied by a fully-licensed driver. You must also have L plates front and rear.

Before arriving at the centre, check that the insurance disc on the windscreen is valid and that it clearly shows the registration number. Check that the motor tax and NCT discs are valid and ensure there is good visibility from inside the car out.

Remember too to wear proper shoes! You may fail if you turn up with no footwear or flip-flops.

Read the Rules of the Road

We know you’ve passed the driver theory test, but it’s important to note that you will also be asked some questions from the Rules of the Road book during the driving test. Take some time out to read through it properly, so you can ensure your driving experience is a safe one.

Should I arrive early?

Yes! Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for your test so that you aren’t bringing unnecessary stress upon yourself. Take a few deep breaths if you feel nervous and let yourself calm down.

Take care during the driving test

During the driving test, be careful and observant. Concentrate on your surroundings and be ready for any unexpected moves by other drivers. Focus on the road, not on the instructor. Pay particular attention so you don’t miss red lights, stop signs and so on. Stay back from other drivers and leave space between your vehicle and the one in front. But, keep a balance between being safe and also making progress – keep up with the traffic and keep a good position on the road.

Don’t fall into any bad driving habits like coasting on the clutch or moving away from the 10-to-2 position on the steering wheel – you may fail for this.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes! Don’t fixate on it and don’t be hard on yourself. If you fail, you can re-sit the test. Not everyone passes first time round!

Keep cool, calm and collected

You know how to drive, you have put in the hard work and you are more than ready to sit the test and pass it with flying colours. You are ready, so keep calm and remember the advice you received from your driving instructor. You are well able, so go get your full license!

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