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POP QUIZ: How much are your contents worth? POP QUIZ: How much are your contents worth?

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POP QUIZ: How much are your contents worth?

Published 22nd November 2022Read Time 6 min

Someone asks you on the spot how much all the items you own at home add up to? Could you confidently answer. It’s a tough question to spring on anymore. It’s also a confusing question if you have never had contents insurance before.

It doesn’t have to feel like you’re playing The Price Is Right when guessing how much your contents amount to. It also doesn’t have to feel like you’re on Winning Streak and are leaving an estimated figure up to pure luck.

We at The AA recommend you look into getting contents insurance for your home and understanding what contents insurance covers. Before you do that though, think you already have a good idea on the topic? If you do, have a go at this quiz and see how many questions you can guess correctly.

True or False: Contents insurance is more expensive if you’re working from home

It wasn’t too long ago that those of us who had office jobs where hastily assembling home offices on kitchen tables and spare bedrooms. And while people are now back in offices or working hybrid, they still need contents protected. So is it getting more expensive to cover contents if you’re working from home?

Answer: False

Explainer: Whether you’re at home 24 hours or out working, it won’t affect your cost for content’s cover at all. Having said that, if you’re away from home for long spells, you have to either let a potential provider know when getting a quote or tell your current insurance provider. A good example of this would be people needing specific holiday home insurance as they’ll not be in the property as often.

True or false: If there is a fire, you have to choose between cover for contents and paying the fire brigade

In the rare and unfortunate event there’s been a fire, there’s going to be a cost involved for the fire brigade coming out to sort everything out and make sure the home is safe again. But if a fire causes contents damage, will your cover make you choose between content and call out costs?

Answer: False

While people often forget that fire brigade callout have a cost involved, it would be silly to leave you with limited options. When shopping around for contents insurance, be sure to check that your policy will cover in respect of any one claim under a policy.

True or False: Items in your garden aren’t a part of contents garden

Obviously home insurance will cover the bricks and mortar, but contents insurances surely only refer to items you have inside your home, right? So, if there’s anything like a barbecue, hot tub or trampoline in your garden, is it even covered?

Answer: False

Explainer: The right type of contents insurance policy will protect items in your garden. For example, those on an AA COMMON PRODUCT Home Insurance policy for their main homes are covered up to €700, with most other providers having some degree in place around €500-€600. If you currently have contents insurance with another provider and have no idea if your garden is included, don’t be afraid to contact and find out.

True or False: You can claim up to €100 on food in your freezer

The power goes out in the house, and you have a dedicated freezer in the house that is going to soon have a lot of thawed produce in there. Obviously, the food that can’t be kept will have to be disposed of, but if you’ve had the likes of the Christmas dinner and such tucked away, is it now just money down the drain?

Answer: False (for AA customers)

Explainer: We know that many people now use deep freezers to store food for longer, especially a mixture of speciality items and the family’s weekly shop. €100 cover isn’t a lot when you have a full freezer, which is why AA customers can claim up to €2,000 for food stored in a deep freezer in the home.

True or false: Mobiles, laptops & tablets are low risk items

With almost every room at home having a screen, the ubiquitous nature of our mobiles, tablets and laptops means they’re seen as a low value/risk item by insurers?

Answer: False

Explainer: Even though they’re not considered everyday items, personal tech is seen as a high-risk item; views in the same fashion as jewellery, art & cameras. Make sure to check out your insurer’s policy booklet to see if they’re covered.

How did you stack up?

Now that the quiz is over, tally up those scores!

If you got 5 out of 5 correct, you definitely know your contents.
If you got 4 out of 5 correct, we bet you’re the kind of person who never misplaces their house keys.
If you got 3 out of 5, you should read up a bit on what overage you need.
If you got 2 out 5 or lower, you’ll be delighted to know the AA can help with all contents insurance needs you’d ever have.