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Proposed on-the-spot fines for cyclists - What do you think? Proposed on-the-spot fines for cyclists - What do you think?

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Proposed on-the-spot fines for cyclists - What do you think?

Published 18th July 2013Read Time 10 min

We asked our Twitter and Facebook followers what they felt about proposed on-the-spot fines for cyclists who behave dangerously. It’s clearly a divisive issue. Here’s a sample of the comments we received:
Chris Carpenter I welcome it. As someone who rides every day it drives me nuts to see cyclists break red lights – you don’t do it car, why should it be any different on a bike. That said, the likes of Dublin Bus and Dublin taxis need to be a LOT more tolerant of riders. The bus lane in most cases is for cyclists as well, yet they drive as if it were there own. Complaining to Dublin Bus is a waste of time, nothing ever happens. Its about give and take. Cyclists need to become less arogant in their ways, wear a helmet, not listen to headphones (beyond idiotic!) and look where they are going. Motorist of any type need to realise the string possibilty that if they hit some one with their vehicle they can cause serious injury. Lastly, the Gardai need to be more vigilent. I see alot of officers texting away, or hands in pockets just wandering around aimlessly and not to what’s going on around them. Ireland has some incredible professional cyclists, 2 are in this years Tour de France, another is a World Champion. We have an incredible pedigree in this sport, lets encourage others to get out there on their bikes and ride.
Roger Parrow While drivers need to be aware, cyclists need to be held to account for dangerous behaviour.
Joseph Nolan Absolutely agree with Ian cassidy it can be nerve racking cycling in Dublin. I don’t personally use the footpath but the amount of times you are forced to stop because of a bus or car cutting in front of you is disgraceful. Then they abuse us for being in a cycle lane.
Everyone can think that they are in the right but drivers need to realise that cyclists are people not just bikes and not just a hindrance
Ian Cassidy Don’t just blame cyclists it’s all road users. Yes a lot of cyclists break red lights but a lot of motorists do exactly the same. Maybe cycle around the city and see the reality of cycling in this country! Crap roads overly aggressive drivers. Maybe realise that some cyclists are nervous on the road and chose the footpath. A little courtesy can go a long way from ALL road users.
Sonya Scarlet Ophelia Moonchild You have to catch them first…like drivers using their mobiles while driving. I see it all the time..but when are they ever caught??? Nothings ever enforced properly in this country. We need more garda on the roads!!!
Laura Holland I fully agree with this as some cyclists need to be held accountable for their bad habits. However when it comes to safely of pedestrians I think they are at fault very often for walking out in front of cyclists!
Andrew Weir This isn’t about drivers parking on footpaths. This is about cyclists thinking they can abuse the rules of the road. There have been at least 2 pedestrians killed in Dublin in recent years by cyclists using footpaths. The vast majority of cyclists need to cop on.
Damo Goodall A bike is classed as vehicle it has to obide by the rules of the road
Cathal Bergin I’m a driver and cyclist. Both parties can be at fault. Agree with breaking reds; disagree on the mounting of footpaths as long as the cyclist is not endangering anyone. Without cycle lanes, occasionally mounting a footpath is necessary
Steven Moody Will pedestrians/mothers with prams be fined for walking in cycle lane ? That is also an accident waiting to happen …
David Lyons No problem with it. And the easy way to enforce it is if the cyclist can’t produce id, the Guard seizes the bike (as he can do under existing Road Traffic legislation). The only people who will be bothered by his are the ones who don’t abide by the rules of the road.
Andrew Weir It’s about time a bike registration number was introduced. Other European countries have it plus the govt could charge a nominal sum to renew the reg every year.
Roger Parrow Agree with Brian’s question – how are they going to identify cyclists breaking these laws?
Jimmy Norman What about enforcing the existing legislation regarding drivers parking on footpaths?
Brian MacMahon How do they plan to in force this
@TheTeaInEMT @aaroadwatch every day motorists are fined for road traffic offences, same will go for cyclists. Easy.
@LauraYoungDuh @aaroadwatch eeehhh there isn’t enough members to enforce laws for motorists. How the hell will ya mange this too

@RodCosmos @aaroadwatch I’ve been very lucky — cycled almost every day for 35 yrs, worst was car door opening, nearly broke arm, but didn’t.
@bowmanthebard @aaroadwatch Saw a YouTube vid about trucks blind spots. They really can see nothing. Only ever been hit once, by a car.
@RodCosmos @aaroadwatch The trouble is, quite a lot of people haven’t been as lucky as us two, many of them killed by trucks turning left!
Lára de Siúin @LauraYoungDuh 1h  I couldn’t be happier! ->
@RodCosmos @aaroadwatch Cyclists in Dublin city centre are a nuisance. Breaking traffic lights & cycling wrong way up one-way systems
@aaroadwatch I’m torn. Cyclists def. need to be responsible, but laughable that we may be hit while enforcement wrt motorists is minimal.
@RodCosmos @aaroadwatch In Cork, motorists are generally resentful & unconcerned for cyclists’ safety, so cyclists have to be defensive.
@aaroadwatch on the spot fines should also cover cyclists/pedestrians who do not wear some reflective wear while on the roads after dark.
@aaroadwatch a guy last week cycled out in front of me never looked when I gave out he picked up a stone trew it at me and told me to F off
mark mulvey@mulvey1980 2h @aaroadwatch about time to be honest , cyclist r the worst offenders , traffic lights mean nothin to them
junkie@hasbeanjunkie 2h @aaroadwatch It’s not such a bad thing. Won’t affect many us since we adhere to the rules of the road anyway.
Aoife Carragher@AoifeCarragher1 2h @aaroadwatch if we’re going to fine cyclists, they need to be rewarded as well. Don’t put us in badly surfaced, unlined, potholed lanes
joncrow@johnnyfcrowley 2h @aaroadwatch as a cyclist im all for it. But how will they enforce it if they cant enforce other traffic laws like using mobile phones ???
Matticus Finch@RodCosmos 2h @aaroadwatch Good idea. As a cyclist who is sick of other cyclists giving us a bad name, the sooner it’s brought in the better.
John@johnpdoody 2h @aaroadwatch about time….need to be accountable for their actions on the roads like any other road user