Read our tips on driving abroad in this week's issue of Women's Way

 We’ve teamed up with Women’s Way magazine this week to bring you advice on driving abroad and to tell you all about AA European Breakdown Cover.  So if you’re trying to decide what the best option for you is be sure to pick up a copy today!


  1. Great – I’m sure it will be helpful too! Isn’t there a new law on carrying a breathalyser in France now aswell? Can you give more information on this? Thanks Kath.

  2. Hi Kath,
    Thanks for getting in touch. That’s correct you’re now leagally oblidged to carry a breathalyser when driving in France. If found in breach of this new law you could face a fine of €17. They’re very cheap to pick up over there in chemists and petrol stations. You can also purchase them from Ferry companies here in Ireland if you want to be prepared before you go.

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