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A Guide to searching for a home A Guide to searching for a home

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a House in Ireland

Published 12th May 2022Read Time 8 min

Not sure where to start with buying a house in Ireland? Staying on top of what you can control in this process should be your first agenda. An organised journey to buying a home is a smooth one. Become an expert in mortgage applications, home insurance and everything in between with our guides for every stage of this milestone journey.

1. Start Saving for your mortgage

When it comes to saving start by setting your budget, to keep track of what you are spending. Getting your finances in order should also be a part of your savings plan, avoid any late credit card fees or missed loan repayments, your credit history and spending habits are all considered as part of your mortgage applications, so get on top of any bad spending habits now.

For more on how you can start saving the right way follow our guide on The dos and don’ts of saving for a mortgage.

2. Start your mortgage applications

Getting all your paperwork in order might feel like the most daunting task when it comes to buying a house but, it is easier to keep track of than you might think. Follow our tips on the best practice for managing your documents. Our helpful checklist will have you organised and ready to submit applications in no time.

Find your vital checklist in our guide on What documents do I need for a mortgage application?

3. Consider the help to buy scheme

If you’re a first-time buyer then you could be eligible for the help to buy scheme. This entitles you to claim a tax refund on your previous tax payments over the last four years.
The scheme is available to those buying properties valued at less than 500,00 or less than 600,00 if bought before 31 December 2016.

For more on how you can apply, follow our step-by-step guide to the help to buy scheme, it covers everything you need, from applications to receiving your claim.

4. Know what to look out for when viewing a property

Viewing properties can seem like a lengthy process, but doing your research is well worth it in the long run. Become familiar with the areas you are looking to buy, consider what your commute will look like, and the local amenities available. When it’s time to view your first set of potential properties, make it your priority to know what to look out for. Any indications of damage could affect your offer. Be prepared for finding your dream home with our checklist for viewing a house. It covers everything you need to check during a viewing.

Knowing what to avoid when buying a house should also be part of your preparation, it may be the biggest investment you will ever make, so stay on top of it with our guide.

5. How to make an offer on a house

When it comes to making an offer, you need to be informed and have a few things accounted for. Start with some research on the area and what the cost of the properties are around you. This gives you an indication of what is expected from your offer.

Set the maximum price you are happy to pay, considering the condition of the space. When it comes to making an offer, you need to be informed and know everything about the property. Our guide for first-time buyers on buying a house in Ireland gives you great insights into this process and can help you form the right offer.

6. Stay organised after the sale is agreed

Getting to sale agreed means the current property owner has accepted your offer and has agreed to sell you the property at this price. Reaching this point while buying a home is an exciting time. Unfortunately, it’s not the end of all the paperwork, you still have a few more steps to take. This includes having the property evaluated, negotiating any unforeseen damage, and exchanging contracts. Avoid extra speed bumps along the way with our guide on what happens after sale agreed when buying a home.

7. Get your home insurance in order

Before the sale is closed you need to have home insurance and mortgage protection in place. Shopping around for the right insurance should be at the top of your priority. With the cost of buying a house, it can be tempting to just settle for the cheapest level of cover. You will find better value for your money by choosing the cover that is right for your needs. Finding this involves a few important steps, our guide on finding home insurance for first time buyers covers everything you need to secure the perfect level of cover and protection.

8. Secure your new home

Becoming a homeowner comes with more responsibility, securing your new home is part of the process. Give yourself the extra piece of mind by installing a home security system, this can help fend off home intruders and even lower your home insurance.

We have some helpful tips on home security and guides for keeping your home protected while you are away.

9. It’s Finally Time to move into your new home

Getting the keys to your new humble abode makes all the hard work, saving and house hunting worth it. Now it’s time to move in, the final step in making your new house a home. For a hassle-free moving experience, you can use our checklist for moving house  which covers the 4 crucial steps in the moving process.


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