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Today we blew up a freezer! Today we blew up a freezer!

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Today we blew up a freezer!

Published 6th May 2014Read Time 1 min

In case you missed it,¬†we blew¬†up¬†the¬†old¬†fridge freezer of our AA Home Insurance¬†competition winner¬†Edwina Hogan in Dublin 15¬†¬†today¬† live on Ireland AM.¬† Don’t worry we didn’t leave her with a kitchen full of melty ice-cream and defrosted fish fingers,¬†we gave her a brand new one as her prize.
The fun doesn’t stop there…tomorrow it’ll be a rather ancient and faulty TV in Cavan¬†that’ll be¬†going out with a bang thanks to our AA¬†Home Insurance competition.¬† Then we’ll be¬†off to Sligo¬†on Thursday and Limerick on Friday¬†to¬†blow some other hated household items so don’t forget to watch Ireland AM to see it all¬†happen live.¬† We’ll keep you posted with ‘blow it up’ competition¬†footage and pictures here too¬†during the week.

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