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Worn brake pads most common fault detected during AA Car Servicings Worn brake pads most common fault detected during AA Car Servicings

AA Car Servicing

Worn brake pads most common fault detected during AA Car Servicings

Published 10th March 2011Read Time 3 min

In a review of hundreds of cars recently serviced by AA Car Servicing, AA Mechanics can reveal that worn brake pads are the most common vehicle fault detected.
“When a fault is detected during an AA Car service, customers have the option of booking in with us for the follow on repairs, says Noel Keogh, AA Patrol Force Manager.  “In the region of a third of the repairs we do relate to significantly worn brake pads.”
In light of these worrying figures, AA Car Servicing is urging motorists from a safety perspective to respond to changes in their vehicle’s braking performance and ensure their brakes are inspected and serviced regularly.  It also warns drivers that defective brake components can lead to reduced braking power, increased stopping distances, skidding and in the worst cases, brake failure. 
“While modern technology has made brake failure a rarity these days, not having full brake power is a huge cause for concern.”  Says Keogh.  “If you hear any unusual squealing, clicks or grinding noises when you brake or you notice the brake fluid warning light coming on on your dash it’s time to get your brakes checked, regardless of when you’re due for your next car service.”
Signs your brakes may need attention:

  • There’s a slight high pitched ringing/squealing when you brake.
  • You feel an abnormal vibrating when braking.
  • Your brake feels softer to depress than normal.
  • You notice your stopping distances have increased.
  • You hear a grinding sound when the brakes are applied.  (If this is the case, it could be a sign that the brake discs are being damaged by worn brake pads)
  • Your brake fluid warning light is flashing/permanently lit up on your dash board.  This may be due to the fact that your brake fluid reservoir level has dropped.

“Feedback from one of our recent AA Motor Insurance polls was that 89.3% of motorists have had their car serviced within the last year.  While this is great to hear, there is still a portion of drivers stretching out intervals between their services, comments Keogh.  “If you fall into this category, for your own safety, we’d encourage you to develop better habits when it comes to car maintenance.”
With AA Car Servicing, an AA Mobile Mechanic will come to customers at a time and place of their choice, 7 days a week. AA Car Servicing customers enjoy peace of mind that the work completed is AA assured.  Motorists wishing to book an AA Car Service can visit
AA Car Servicing is currently only available in the greater Dublin and surrounding areas.