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Wrapping (And Covering ) Your Christmas Presents Wrapping (And Covering ) Your Christmas Presents


Wrapping (And Covering ) Your Christmas Presents

Published 6th December 2022Read Time 5 min

Are you the kind of person who can wrap anything from a Toblerone to a bicycle with military precision? Or are you someone who struggles with sticky tape when getting presents ready to pop under the tree?

This time of year is all about everyone feeling cosy, content, and safe at home, and every little step you can take to ensure that’s possible should be utilised, especially if you’re the kind of person who would feel safe in the knowledge that Christmas presents can be covered as part of insurance.

So how can you have peace of mind when there’s an influx of presents under the tree you need to take care of? There are a few ways The AA can help, depending on what type of Christmas you’re having.

Christmas at Home

Having Christmas at yours this year? Already getting a little stressed thinking about the timings for cooking Christmas dinner? Just think about how rewarding it will be when everyone is fed, you can put your feet up & be safe in the knowledge that everyone’s presents are protected in case of damage.

One of the big benefits of AA Home Insurance is the comprehensive level of cover you can get on Christmas presents. Our policies automatically increase contents cover for free over Christmas (think of it like a little gift from us to you!) When your policy is with The AA, the contents sum insured is automatically increased by 10% for December & January to cover the cost of replacing stolen or damaged Christmas Gifts (available on Owner Occupied policies only).

Christmas at a Holiday Home

When the home away from home is where the family gathers every year for Christmas, any way to remove stress wherever possible, especially if you’re worried about the likes of water leaks, heating issues or accidents happening.

With AA holiday home insurance, you get added protection on the property with options including Holiday Home Family Use and Holiday Home Let Out insurance. If you’re an existing AA member, you can get better discounts on holiday home insurance.

And remember, if you have holiday insurance already, it may not cover contents, which you need to have a separate policy for. If you’re currently with another provider, double-check your policy booklet to see if the contents of a holiday home are presently covered.

Christmas abroad

Treating yourself to a little trip abroad over Christmas? When the weather outside is promising to be frightful, and you’d rather be somewhere more delightful (ideally on the beach with a fancy cocktail), AA Single Trip Cover covers any baggage that is delayed is for more than 12 hours up to €300 (€50 per day); ideal if you know you’ll be popping a few presents in the suitcase.

And don’t forget, if you’re carrying presents as part of hand luggage, never wrap them before the airport as there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to show what it is. Most airports now have a little present wrapping table after security for this.

Christmas on the slopes

Finally, for anyone gifting themselves a luxury ski trip over Christmas, there’s no worse present than landing to find you can’t hit the slopes at all. Whether it’s piste closure or a problem with your equipment, winter ski travel insurance has helped a lot of AA members stuck in a ski jam, especially if you’ve been gifted personal ski equipment!

Find the cover you need with our help

Think it would be a good idea to get cover this Christmas? If you’re unsure what type you’ll need, give The AA a quick call on 0818 227 228, especially if you took a policy last year and aren’t sure if you’ll be covered again this year.

Remember that with the yellow & black, we’ve got your back over Christmas!