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With AA Home Insurance, you'll have peace of mind With AA Home Insurance, you'll have peace of mind

Home Insurance Benefits

What does a Home Insurance policy cover?

Summary of your cover *

AA Home Insurance is clever because our policies offer an extensive range of benefits at no extra cost, to keep you protected when you need it most. Please check your policy booklet or policy summary for full details of the cover which applies to your policy.

Knowing what you are (and aren’t) covered for in your home insurance is really important. Many people don’t even know that we can help with the likes of contents in the garden & family accidents.

AA Home insurance provides coverage in the following areas:

1. Christmas Gifts Cover

Love a little Christmas surprise? We’ll automatically increase your contents cover for free over Christmas. Your contents sum insured is automatically increased by 10% for both December and January to cover the cost of replacing Christmas Gifts if they are stolen or damaged by any cause insured under the policy. This is available on Owner Occupied policies only.

2. Wedding Gifts Cover

Helping you have peace of mind on one of the most important days in anyone’s life, AA home insurance has the benefit of offering an increase of up to 10% of the contents sum insured.

This goes towards the cost of replacing wedding gifts if lost or damaged by any cause insured under the policy within the defined period of cover for this section. This is available on Owner Occupied policies only.

3. Credit cards

A lot of people don’t realise that in the case of stolen or lost cards, an individual may be liable to pay bills.

AA Home Insurance has the benefit of providing cover for up to €1000* if your credit cards are stolen, *even on holiday*, or you suffer financial loss. This is available on Owner Occupied policies only.

4. Fire brigade charges

When a fire happens at home, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is callout costs. Our home insurance has the benefit of covering fire brigade charges up to €3,000 are covered when a call-out gives rise to a valid claim on the policy.

5. Frozen food

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but what happens when good food in the freezer is ruined?

We’ll cover the cost of replacing food damaged in your domestic freezer up to €2000 in the likes of an electrical failure. This is available on Owner Occupied policies only.

6. Alternative accommodation

If your property is uninhabitable due to fire, damage, or another insured event, AA home insurance has the benefit of covering the cost of alternative accommodation. (Cover up to 15% of your Buildings or Contents sum Insured)

7. Title Deeds Replacement

One of those things you’d never think about unless it happened to you. The AA has your back with title deeds replacement.

We can cover towards the cost (up to €700) of replacing the title deeds to your home if they are lost or damaged by any cause insured under the policy, in your home or lodged with your bank or solicitor.

8. Contents in Garden

We know your home is more than what’s behind the front door. Our home insurance will cover any defined contents in the garden that are damaged or stolen while in your garden up to €700.

9. Trace and access

Up to €700 cover towards tracing & accessing a leak and repairing any damage caused to walls, flooring, or ceilings during the search.

10. Family Personal Accident

Cover for death or specified bodily injury due to an accident that occurs in or about the home. This is available on Owner Occupied policies only up to €35,000 (increased to €55,000 for AA Members)

11. Home Office Protection

With so many of us now working from home, we need cover for the likes of laptops and such. AA Home Insurance covers personal home office equipment up to €4,000*. This is available on Owner Occupied policies only.


Please note specific terms, conditions and product benefits will apply to your policy. For full details please refer to your policy booklet or your policy summary.


What you gain with our Home Insurance during winter

The colder months can bring unwanted surprises around the home. With an increased likelihood of fire (Christmas lights and candles), water damage (burst pipes from freezing temperatures) and theft (November has the highest theft rate), a home with coverage in the winter months is better set for the season.

AA Home Insurance includes fire brigade charges, freezer food cover, increased contents cover during the Christmas Period, as well as providing alternative accommodation in the unlikely event that your home becomes uninhabitable for some insured reason; a must in the colder months.

Home Insurance with rewards 🎁

RelAAX!, Yellow and black have got your back. We give all our customers extra rewards as standard. Like up to 6c every litre of fuel at CircleK, Nice 👌

The AA Ireland App Rewards

What AA Customers ask about our Home Insurance benefits

No. The AA provides Home Insurance for customers across the country.

AA Owner Occupied policies can cover the unauthorised use of credit cards to a limit when losses are reported within 24 hours.

AA Home Insurance will cover you when someone carries out malicious acts or vandalises your property

The cost of replacing Personal Effects belonging to visitors not insured by another insurance Policy, if they are stolen or damaged by any cause covered under the Contents Section while in the Property.,

Cover up to €700

It is if you’re an AA insurance customer. You can find out how to do so here.

While you get a host of benefits when you take out a policy, you should know that the likes of wear & tear will not be accounted for.

*Please note, the cover listed above is only available on AA common product policies (Aviva and RSA). Please see Cover Summary for more details on AA common product and AA Liberty.