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AA Roadwatch's top Christmas gifts for motorists AA Roadwatch's top Christmas gifts for motorists

AA Roadwatch

AA Roadwatch's top Christmas gifts for motorists

Published 13th December 2018Read Time 5 min

Our selection of gifts for the driver in your life might not win any awards for glamour, but they are entirely practical. And after all, nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a practical gift! We’ve thought car-fully about the list below, and we’ve made sure it isn’t exhaust-ive so it shouldn’t tyre you out. See what we did there?

Travel mug

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Collins Dictionary declared ‘single-use’ as its 2018 word of the year, referring to plastic items such as straws and cups that are used once and can’t be recycled. Now more than ever, alternatives to disposable cups are being sought out by consumers.
Stay ahead of the curve and gift someone a travel mug that is kind to the environment and can be easily taken on the road. Most coffee outlets in motorway service stations are happy to fill them and sometimes offer a small discount.There are lots of different types out there including collapsible ones which can be easily stored in the glove box or kept in a bag. You can enjoy a beverage in a cup that won’t end up in landfill or the sea plus feel smug at the same time. It’s win-win.

GPS system

Photo by Sean MacEntee, used under CC BY 2.0 licence
For that special someone who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag, a GPS system is perfect. Some cars come with them already supplied, but for older vehicles simply attached the device to your dashboard or window and you’re away! Just make sure that your view of the road remains unrestricted. Depending on the brand you chose, there is the added bonus of being able to select celebrity voices to guide you, including Homer Simpson and Yoda, which should make a spin to the shops to get toilet roll a shade more exciting.


Photo: public domain
For the Luddite in your life or to complement the GPS system, why not go for a classic map? It doesn’t need batteries or a signal and it still works even if you knock over your travel mug and drown it with coffee.

AA Membership

You didn’t think we’d write a blog on perfect Christmas gifts without including something from now, did you? Come on!
At just €8.25 per month, AA membership covers you 24/7 whether you’re a driver or a passenger, meaning that we cover YOU, not your car. Our patrols fix 8 out of 10 of our members’ cars on the roadside – we offer peace of mind and it’s a piece of cake for you to arrange. Click here to get started.

Portable battery charger

Photo: public domain
Now that most of us are permanently attached to our smartphones and devices, a portable charger is essential. Chargers come in all shapes, sizes, specs and price points and can be picked up in department stores, newsagents and lots more places besides. Having a fully charged phone is particularly important if you break down and need to contact AA Rescue.

Bike rack

Lycra lovers who need to transport their steeds would surely love to receive a bike rack this Christmas. There’ll be no need to lower the rear seat or dismantle the bike anymore to get it from A to B. Racks are easily fitted to the rear or the roof of your vehicle: aspiring Nicholas Roches would give this the yellow jersey.


Photo: public domain
If you like it, then you should put a keyring on it. Now, while an old-fashioned keyring like the one above is unlikely to get anyone doing cartwheels around the Christmas tree, how about adding some wireless technology to the mix? Bluetooth-enabled keyrings can find your keys within a 100-foot range and will alert you with a loud noise until located.
Main photo: public domain