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AA Welcomes Announcement Of Motor Insurance Rebate  AA Welcomes Announcement Of Motor Insurance Rebate 

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AA Welcomes Announcement Of Motor Insurance Rebate 

Published 24th April 2020Read Time 2 min

AA Ireland has welcomed the announcement that several underwriters operating in Ireland are to issue a partial insurance rebate to motorists in light of reduced levels of car use due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
As recently as yesterday, the AA had called for partial refunds or reductions in premiums in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Commenting on the announcement of the rebate, AA Director of Consumer Affairs stated: “This is certainly welcome news for all motorists and it was an important step that the insurance industry needed to take in recognition of the challenges many people are currently facing. For the majority of us, our car is spending more time parked up than we would have ever imagined, and this is expected to lead to a noticeable drop in claims during the lockdown period.”
The AA is currently working with its underwriters to finalise details of how the rebate is to be calculated. AA customers do not need to take any action in order to secure their rebate and we will contact customers directly with an update once full details are confirmed. In the meantime, AA customer can visit our FAQ for any queries they may have.
While the majority of people are not driving as much as normal currently, the AA is reminding people that car insurance is a legal requirement in Ireland and it’s important to keep your cover up to date. In addition to accidents on the road, insurance will also cover you for damage resulting from fire or theft.