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Does car insurance cover my windscreen? Does car insurance cover my windscreen?

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Does car insurance cover my windscreen?

Published 25th May 2023Read Time 4 min

Most drivers have seen the dreaded crack appear on their windscreen! It can be a real pain to get sorted, and will your insurance cover the costs? Our short guide will will get you up to speed!

Does my insurance cover the damage?

Different insurance policies from various companies will have have different levels of cover. It’s something that you should look at when taking out a policy. If you have just damaged the windscreen of your car then you will have to check the policy that you took out for the specifics. At AA Ireland, we ensure your windscreen is protected through our network of AA-approved repairers, offering a level of coverage that you might not find with all insurers.

AA Car Insurance

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So you’ll need to check the documentation that came with your policy. Do you keep the papers in the glovebox, or maybe you can pull up the email on your phone to check? Failing that, call Customer Services of your insurance provider to check your policy details.

My windscreen is damaged, what do I do next?

The first thing to do is assess the damage. This could be anything from a small chip in the corner to a fully smashed windscreen. The damage might mean that it seriously affects vision out the front. In this case, you may not even be able to drive any further. At that point, you can call us for Roadside Rescue. Don’t worry, we can help you even if you’re not a member!

If the windscreen damage is not serious, you should still get the issue seen to. At that point, call your insurance provider and inform them of the damage. They will advise you on the next steps to take. The insurance company may insist that you use a certain company for repairs.

If you are with the AA, our helpful and friendly staff will guide you through the process. Call AA Claims Assist on 0818 467 101  to make a claim on your car insurance. (or call 00 353 1 617 9448 if you’re outside of Ireland). You can also contact our Customer Service Team on 0818 227 228

It’s just a crack, should I ignore it?

Definitely not. Even the smallest bit of damage to your windscreen deserves attention. Small chips caused by a pebble thrown up from another car, a small crack from pouring very hot water on it in winter (p.s. don’t do this!)…all of these seemingly small problems can develop into bigger cracks in time. Best to get it seen to immediately.

If your car insurance is up for renewal, be sure to contact us for a quote online here, or just give us a call on 01 674 0443