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First time driver insurance First time driver insurance

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First time driver insurance

Published 10th August 2022Read Time 3 min

So you’ve just got your driver’s licence and you’re ready to get out on the road! We understand that looking for car insurance quotes can sometimes be intimidating, but fear not as the AA has put together top tips for those looking for first time driver insurance. We’ll ensure your journey is as smooth as possible.

Go for a lower engine size

This is pretty simple. The lower your engine size, the better your car insurance quote will be. AA agents advise those looking for first time driver insurance to go for a 1 litre, 1.1 or 1.2 litre vehicle.

Buy a new car if possible

Buying a car as new as possible will help. Our AA agents advise you to buy a car within the last 10 years to avail of the best quotes.

Go on your own policy

If possible, bite the bullet and go on your own policy as soon as you can. If you are a bit younger, then it is a good idea to go on a parent or guardian’s policy for a year or two, and then go on your own. This will help your No Claims Bonus (NCB) going forward.

Add an experienced driver

Adding a second or experienced driver to your policy may bring the quote price down, so try go this route if you can.


What about a learner permit versus a full licence? If you’ve done your EDT lessons take or retake your driving test. Give yourself the best chance at getting a good quote if you are looking for first time driver insurance.

Shop around

Finally, the AA advises those looking for first time driver insurance to shop around. So, get different quotes online or chat to our agents at the AA, compare and then make your decision.

Contact us today for our best young driver rates. Or, choose the right level of cover with the AA – we offer multiple types of cover to support all our members.

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