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Do Irish Motorists Need A Green Card To Drive in UK? Do Irish Motorists Need A Green Card To Drive in UK?

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Do Irish Motorists Need A Green Card To Drive in UK?

Published 23rd August 2019Read Time 2 min

Driving in the UK Post-Brexit FAQ

Green Cards will not be required when travelling in Northern Ireland or Britain.
An agreement has been reached with the UK Department of Transport which means that Irish residents holding valid insurance will not have to get a Green Card for travel in Northern Ireland or Britain.
Even if the UK leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement, Irish motorists travelling in Britain or Northern Ireland will not be affected.

Do I Still Need to Contact my Insurer if I may be Driving in the UK Post-Brexit?

No, as Green Cards will no longer be needed for Irish residents there is no need to contact your insurer if you are going to be driving in the UK or Northern Ireland. Essentially, the current situation will remain unchanged for Irish motorists.

Will I Still be Able to use my Insurance to Drive in Other EU Member States After Brexit?

Yes, you will still have motor insurance cover for travel to EEA countries for up to 60 days in any one policy period. You will continue to hold the same cover that you have under your current motor insurance policy. ‘EEA countries’ includes all EU Member States, along with Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway

I am going to rent a car in Northern Ireland/ UK.  Will I need a Green Card?

No.  However, if you plan on driving that car back into the Republic of Ireland or to another EU state then the rental company will need to issue you with a Green Card.