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ID.7 preview - Electric estates on the rise ID.7 preview - Electric estates on the rise

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ID.7 preview - Electric estates on the rise

Published 20th February 2023Read Time 8 min

More than half a million of the ID. range have been sold globally since the iD.3 burst onto the scene in 2020. A couple of years later, we are now seeing the launch of the sixth ID. vehicle…and it is the iD.7

We got a late call from Volkswagen Ireland checking our schedules for the next week.

“Hey, we have access to the iD.7 for a few hours in England if you want to come along?”

We grabbed the opportunity with both hands and found ourselves on a plane only a few days later. The launch was at the famous Millbrook venue. Unfortunately we couldn’t take the iD.7 around the famous circuits, mainly because the car is still in development.

What is the ID.7?

The ID.7 will be Volkswagen’s newest addition to its EV family. It is a fastback style saloon, which will also be released in a ‘Shooting Brake’. The car will have a large, but as of yet undefined, battery. It fills the gap in the ID portfolio nicely, with a range of SUVs, an MPV and a smaller hatch already in production.

Blake at the iD.7 preview in England

What does the VW ID.7 look like?

The ID.7 we saw at the preview is the fastback. It is a large vehicle, at 4.94m long, and it has a whopping 2.97m long wheelbase. The front end undoubtedly received some feedback from the engineers in the wind tunnel. It is quite sleek in appearance, with a much lower profile at only 1.53m tall. The window line sits slighter higher than you might expect, giving the car a more hunkered down look.

What is the range of the ID.7?

We don’t yet know battery sizes. We pushed the VW staff on site, but they weren’t budging or giving anything away. However, they have said that anticipated WLTP range will be up to 700km. If this is the case, then we will be delighted! For a bit of context, that will be more range than the Tesla Model 3 Long Range and possibly a smidge more than the Model S Long Range.

We are presuming that they will take advantage of the extra-long wheelbase, enabling them to put in a couple of extra battery modules.

The MEB platform forms the skeleton of the iD. vehicles

What is the inside of the ID.7 like?

VW are due to make some improvements based on customer complaints about the previous ID. models. In particular, the sliders that control the heating will be illuminated for ease of use at night time. The infotainment screen will be expanded to a 15” screen. Thankfully, the heating options will be a permanent fixture on that screen. They are also quite proud of the electronic air vents that can focus air on particular areas of the car to heat hands or cool you down. It can even tell if the sun is blaring on a particular part of the car and cool that down!

Warm your hands by voice command – very easy in the ID.7: The steering wheel heating is activated automatically, in addition, air flows specifically to the hands on the steering wheel.
A teaser image of the iD.7 interior with upgraded screen

How fast is the ID.7?

Unfortunately we don’t know for sure yet. They haven’t confirmed these details. But, we do know that it is based on the MEB platform and that VW use across the ID. range. A 150kW RWD motor can be expected, which will turn out just over 200hp. We do know that a GTX version will come at some stage. This will be All Wheel Drive, with two motors to get you off from the traffic lights very quickly!

How much does the ID.7 cost?

VW won’t give us pricing yet as the car is still pre-production. The launch is expected to be in April, and this is when we will get final details. They have said that the car will be produced alongside the ID.4 in the Emden production facility. The Irish market is hinted to get the car at the very end of 2023. Deliveries will start properly at the start of 2024.

You can’t yet order the ID.7, but if you are thinking of it, keep an eye out for pricing and the order books being opened.

Will the iD.7 be a success?

It is too early to tell, but the concept of the ID.7 seems like a winner at this stage. With the onslaught of SUVs these days, saloons and estates are becoming a scarce thing. When it comes to EVs, the offering is extremely thin on the ground. There is great value in an MG5, the efficiency of the Tesla Model 3 and the uber-luxury of the Mercedes-Benz EQS. But we need more, and we need them to be mass market. Maybe, just maybe, the ID.7 can help save the estate in the electric age.

If you want to see the iD.7 in more detail, be sure to have a look at our YouTube video here!

Although you’ll have to wait a good year for an ID.7 if you want one, we have you covered in the meantime. Contact us for a quote when your car insurance is up for renewal. And don’t forget about our Breakdown Rescue Service with your AA Ireland Membership, where we fix 8 out of 10 cars at the roadside.