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AA Roadwatch

New M11 and N30 Enniscorthy Bypasses in Wexford

Published 14th August 2019Read Time 5 min

Enniscorthy and the N11 have been a regular feature of our traffic reports over the last few years, but that may be about to change. This summer will see the opening of two new bypasses: the new stretch of the M11 from Gorey to Enniscorthy to the east of the town, which opened on the 18th of July, and the N30 extension to the west – which is expected to open today (14th).
AA Roadwatch’s Jonathan Byrne has the answers to some common questions about the new routes.
When will the new stretch of the M11 officially open?
The M11 extension opened on Thursday 18th July after an opening ceremony. A short extension to the N80, to provide access to the M11 from the Scarawalsh R/A, also opened.
How long is the new stretch of the M11 motorway and where does it start/end?
The M11 will be extended by 27km, meaning there will be a motorway/dual-carriageway route on the full stretch between  Enniscorthy and Dublin. It starts where the motorway previously finished, at Clogh, south of Gorey, where a junction will tie-in the existing M11 route with the new Enniscorthy bypass section. It ends in the townland of Scurlocksbush, which is just north of Oilgate. A roundabout here links the M11 to the existing N11 route. This new stretch will bypass Enniscorthy, as well as Ferns and Camolin.
When will the new N30 bypass open?
The new N30 bypass is expected to open today (14th).
How long will the new N30 extension be and where does it start/end?
The new N30 bypass will be around 8km in length, starting at the Scarawalsh R/A just north of Enniscorthy, which currently links the N80 and the N11. It will join the existing N30 at the Templescoby R/A, west of Enniscorthy, which continues to New Ross.

A map of the new N30/M11 routes highlighted in red. (Picture courtesy of 
Is there a link road between the new M11 extension and the new N30 bypass?
We’re glad you asked! A new 4km extension of the N80, known as the N80 Link Road, also opened. It runs from a junction with the M11 at the townland of Ballydawmore, approximately 3km on the Bunclody side of Enniscorthy, through to the Scarawalsh R/A and thus linking the M11 with the N30.
How many lanes will the new M11 and N30 extensions have?
The new M11 route operates a normal motorway dual carriageway system with two lanes of traffic in both directions. The N30 will be a single carriageway system with one lane of traffic in both directions.
What junctions can I expect on the new stretch of the M11? 
J24 is at Frankfort, south of Gorey, linking the existing M11 to the new bypass. This is where the motorway used to end at the Clogh R/A.
J25 will be at Ballydawmore, approximately 3km northeast of Enniscorthy, linking the M11 to the new N80 Link Road. Motorists will now be able to exit here for the northern end of Enniscorthy. It will also give access to the coast, Blackwater and Curracloe through a new roundabout on the Enniscorthy/Blackwater Rd (R744).
J26 consists of another roundabout at Scurlocksbush, north of Oilgate. This leads onto the existing N11 to Wexford Town and also gives access to the southern end of Enniscorthy.

The graphic above shows the junction locations on the new M11/N30. (Picture courtesy of
What junctions can I expect on the new N30?
The N30 will start just off the Scarawalsh R/A at a new roundabout called the Clavass R/A.
Road users can exit the N30 approximately halfway through the new bypass route at the Milehouse roundabout in order to head into Enniscorthy, or travel on towards Ballindaggin or Kiltealy.
The new N30 Enniscorthy Bypass joins with the existing N30 route at the Templescoby R/A, west of Enniscorthy, where it continues to New Ross.
Which road users will be most likely to see an ease of traffic congestion? 
The biggest changes will be around Enniscorthy, where traffic making its way between Wexford Town and Gorey or Dublin will no longer have to go through the town centre. The new stretch of the M11 also bypasses Ferns and Camolin on the old N11 route, so this could reduce congestion there, and shorten journey times between Wexford and Dublin.
Once the N30 extension opens, the traffic that passed through Enniscorthy heading to/from New Ross on the N30, or to access the N80 for Bunclody, will also be able to the avoid the town centre.
Will there be further works?
The majority of the works have been completed on the new routes; however, there will be a construction of an underpass to travel under the motorway north of the Oilgate roundabout. There will also be some landscaping works in place for the remainder of the year, but that shouldn’t have a major effect on traffic.