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Spooky Season: Coming Back To Car Horrors Spooky Season: Coming Back To Car Horrors

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Spooky Season: Coming Back To Car Horrors

Published 26th October 2022Read Time 5 min

When Halloween is the time of year for trick or treating, you always want to be on the receiving end of some fantastic treats. You never want to be shocked with a surprise trick you never asked for or needed.

Around now is also the time of year to get your car winter-ready, but it can feel quite alarming to come back to find problems with your car. Whether it’s the case that someone’s attempted a break-in, you have a flat tyre, the car just won’t start, or you’re about to renew your insurance, you don’t have to find yourself in a car horror show this Halloween.

To keep yourself and your car safe, let’s look at some everyday car horrors you can find yourself in and how to get out of the situation.

The shock of coming back to a smashed window

Walking back to your car and seeing that a window is smashed or someone has attempted to break in is highly disheartening. We always view our cars are extremely secure things, and a shattered window or attempted robbery can be a knock to your confidence. Thankfully. AA car insurance has personal belongings cover & unlimited windscreen cover.

For practical advice, read our recent article highlighting our top tips to protect your car from theft. Even if you think you know how to keep a car safe, read it as a refresher of what to do; you’ll be surprised when you find yourself remembering these tips and passing them on to friends to do the same.

The horror of coming back to a flat tyre

When the weather turns, the idea of figuring out how to sort out a flat tyre(s) or any problem that prevents you from safely driving home can quickly become a headache. And if you’re not familiar with what to do, don’t dive in and run the risk of making mistakes that could lead to an accident.

Utilise Roadside Rescue (which AA memberships can do through the AA app). Our team will try and get your car sorted there and then. And if you fall into the rare cases where the vehicle needs towed, you can get the car taken to a garage or your choice while we try to arrange alternative transport or a replacement car.

The worry of your car not starting

We’ve all been there. You drive about town on those darker evenings, park the car up for a while, and return to find the car won’t start. In most cases, people often forget they had dipped headlights on and let the battery go flat. Thankfully, a quick jump start should do the job.

If it’s evident that isn’t the case, though, and you think your battery has died, it’ll need to be tested. Those with AA membership can use our 24/7 nationwide cover if stuck in this rut. Our team will come out, check how things are & see if they can get the car starting without issue.

How Young Drivers Can Avoid Car Horrors

We all know that the cost of driving can be more of an impact on young drivers. For those of us who’ve been driving for years, we still remember the shock of seeing what insurance costs for a new driver on the roads. To help avoid that, it helps to know your options.

We highly recommend that young drivers educate themselves on the difference between comprehensive insurance & third-party cover. We have a guide you can read here, and if you are a young driver who needs covered, call The AA to get advice on better rates.

Stay safe out there this Halloween!

If you’re out and about this Halloween, please make sure you’re safe. Whether driving about on errands or taking the little ones for trick or treating, follow our advice on keeping safe this Halloween.

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