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Home Insurance benefits

Overview of the coverage you get with our Home Insurance

With AA Home Insurance you’ll feel as safe as houses, as our house insurance policies offer an extensive range of benefits at no extra cost, to keep you protected when you need it most

Christmas Gifts Cover

We’ll automatically increase your contents cover for free over Christmas. Your contents sum insured is automatically increased by 10% for both December and January.

Wedding Gifts Cover

Up to 10% of the contents sum insured towards the cost of replacing wedding gifts if lost or damaged by any cause insured under the policy within the defined period of cover for this section.

Credit cards

If your credit cards are stolen and you suffer financial loss we will cover up to €1,500

Fire brigade charges

If the fire brigade charges for a call out to a fire which gives rise to a valid claim on the policy, we’ll pay up to €3,000

Frozen food

We’ll pay up to €1,250 to cover the cost of replacing food damaged in your domestic freezer, if caused, for example, by an electrical failure

Tenants Liability for Damage

If a tenant is liable for damage to your property which isn’t covered under your tenancy agreement e.g. wooden floors, AA Property Insurance will cover up to 20% of the contents sum insured.

Alternative accommodation

If your property is uninhabitable due to fire, damage or another insured event, we’ll pay for the cost of alternative accommodation up to 50% of the contents sums insured on your policy.

Title Deeds Replacement

Up to €1,500 towards the cost of replacing the title deeds to your home if they are lost or damaged by any cause as insured under the policy in your home or lodged with your bank or solicitor.

Combined High Risk Total

AA Household Insurance provides additional cover for high value items such as jewellery if they were to be stolen from the insured property up to between 40%-60% of the contents sum insured.

Contents in Garden

Cover if any of your contents (as defined) are damaged / stolen while in your garden are covered up to €750

Trace and access

Up to €1,000 towards tracing and accessing a leak, and repairing any damage caused to walls, flooring or ceilings during the search

Clean Up Expenses

Up to €2,000 to cover the cost of cleanup following escape of oil from the domestic heating installation

Family Personal Accident

Cover up to €12,750 for death or specified bodily injury as a result of an accident that occurs in or about the home

Please note specific terms, conditions and product benefits will apply to your policy. For full details please refer to your policy booklet and product suitability statement.

What you gain with our Home Insurance during winter

There is an increased likelihood of fire (Christmas lights and candles), water damage (burst pipes from freezing temperatures) and theft (November highest theft rate) in winter months.

With our house insurance benefits such as fire brigade charges, freezer food cover, increased contents sum insured during the winter not to mention the benefit of alternative accommodation should your home become inhabitable for some insured reason; our Home Insurance policy covers all of these perils so you needn’t worry.

Talk to our agents to buy or renew your House Insurance

Call AA House Insurance 0818 227 228. If you’re calling from outside Ireland, call +353 1 6179104. Agents are available to take your call from 09.00 to 19.00, Monday to Friday

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