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4 Tips To Keep Your Van Safe Year Round 4 Tips To Keep Your Van Safe Year Round

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4 Tips To Keep Your Van Safe Year Round

Published 11th March 2021Read Time 3 min

Whether your van feels more like your mobile office or your home away from home, it's important to be security-conscious to ensure your van remains in working condition and you can continue to get from job to job. With this in mind, our Van Insurance team have put together a short list of their top tips to keep your van secure all year round.

Get Locked Up

It may seem like common sense to lock your van when leaving it unattended, but often we can all fall into the trap of getting a little lazy. Whether you’re rushing to the next job or desperate to get in the door after a long day, it’s easy to forget to lock up. Getting into the habit of locking your van every time you’re leaving it unattended will both reduce the likelihood that you forget to lock up after a back-breaking day and also greatly reduce the risk of your van being broken into. Keeping your locks in good condition is equally important. Given the variety of weather conditions your van is exposed to over the course of the year, it’s possible that the locks can start to rust in time. As the condition of the lock deteriorates it can become easier to force the door open, so it’s important to replace any locks which are starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Think Before You Park

When you’re darting from home to home carrying out various jobs, finding a secure parking spot isn’t always possible. However, that doesn’t mean that you should simply abandon your vehicle at the first free space you see. Where possible, park your van within eyesight of the home you are working at. Similarly, if you don’t have a garage to park your van in at night, park in a well-lit area to help deter any potential thieves.

Hide Your Valuable Items

One of the downsides to life on the road is the fact that at any time your van could be full with expensive tools and personal belongings. Unfortunately, these items make your vehicle even more tempting to would be burglars Just as you should keep any expensive equipment stored securely in the back of your van, it’s also important that you don’t leave your phone or other valuable personal belongings sitting in plain sight during the course of your working day.

Don’t Overload Your Van

Between tools and materials, the weight you’re carrying in your van can quickly add up over time but it’s important that you avoid overloading your van. Most traditional vans will have a payload limit of 3,500 kg (although this can be lower in the case of electric vans) and you should never exceed this weight limit while driving. Doing so can not only increase wear and tear on your van, but can also affect your ability to drive safely as your stopping distances could be significantly increased. Our Van Insurance offers various benefits like private car discount, legal expenses cover etc. Call us on 016740445 to get our van insurance quote today!

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