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Europe's First Mobile Electric Car Charging Unit Europe's First Mobile Electric Car Charging Unit

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Europe's First Mobile Electric Car Charging Unit

Published 13th July 2018Read Time 3 min

AA Rescue has today unveiled a new mobile charging unit for electric vehicles, with the organisation highlighting that it expects the number of electric cars on Irish roads to climb quickly in the coming years.

In response to the growth of electric vehicle use in Ireland, the breakdown assistance provider partnered with Australian company Club Logistics Solutions to develop a mobile charging solution capable of addressing concerns of motorists worried about potentially running out of power in an electric vehicle. The first of their kind in Europe, the mobile charging units are powered directly by the AA Rescue van as opposed to a separate generator, minimising any emissions produced during usage.

Commenting on the unveiling Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs stated: “Our AA Rescue team have a long and proud history of going above and beyond to meet the needs of broken down motorists across the country, and the purchase of these mobile charging units is the next step on that journey. The unveiling of this unit has been a long-time in the making as we first started to research and seek out mobile charging units in 2011. In that time electric cars have evolved significantly and along the way we’ve seen a similar evolution in charging and emergency assistance options for EVs. Of all the mobile units we have seen this is by far the most impressive, easily deployed and environmentally friendly options.

 “This is a huge step forward for electric vehicle owners in Ireland and a significant innovation for our AA Rescue team as they continue to meet the demands of our members. We know from research that we’ve undertaken in the past that the fear of running out of power is a major concern of Irish motorists when it comes to going electric and we hope that knowing this solution exists will help some people ditch petrol and diesel powered cars.”

Roadside Electric Car Charging

The mobile charging units are designed to quickly provide an electric car which has run out of charge with enough power for the driver to continue to their journey. On average, the AA will be able to provide an electric vehicle with approximately 15% of battery charge in just 20 minutes, allowing the motorist to then proceed to the nearest charging point. The AA also helps drivers across the country with dedicated EV insurance.

 “Petrol and diesel cars will in time become a thing of the past and we expect, particularly in the next few years, to see a rapid growth in the number of electric cars in Ireland,” Faughnan added. “With each passing year the number of electric cars on Irish roads only continues to increase and it’s important that investment in the necessary infrastructure to support this technology meets the growing need.”