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New 2024 Peugeot e208 New 2024 Peugeot e208

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New 2024 Peugeot e208

Published 11th January 2024Read Time 4 min

Upgraded style, range and power in 2024 for Peugeot’s e208

What is the updated Peugeot e208?

The updated Peugeot e208 is an all-electric hatchback. It shares the same platform and design as the combustion engine versions. The new version for 2024 features a larger battery, more powerful motor and enhanced styling. 

What is the range of the Peugeot e208?

The car has an upgraded 48kWh usable battery, for a WLTP range of 410km. In the real world, a figure like 300-330km is probably more realistic in general Irish driving. The car is relatively light, considering the presence of a chunky battery. It sits low, is fairly narrow, and as a result cuts through the air better for enhanced aerodynamics. 

Beautiful design!

The Peugeot e208 will face some stiff competition from similarly sized cars that are cheaper such as the BYD Dolphin and the MG4. However, the Peugeot makes up for it in spades with its styling. It’s an elegant shape, with some beautiful lines and nice design flair. We think it could be the best looking moderately-priced EV on the market.

Inside, the e208 follows up the bit of class on display outside. The highest-level GT spec is very well appointed inside with a lovely blend of materials and some rich fabrics in the seats. There is a nice attention to detail on the steering wheel, dash and user interface.

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How fast does the e208 charge?

Depending on the market and how you spec the car, AC charging is either 7.4kW or 11kW. We would opt for the 11kW if you get the chance for faster charging on those public AC posts.

On DC, the e208 goes up to 100kW. Considering the efficiency of the car, this means that you will be putting range back in at a very reasonable rate. It is beaten by some of the competition, but overall it holds its own quite well.

Is the Peugeot e208 spacious?

Not really. But let’s be fair and say that you are not buying a small hatchback to cart around a big family, buggies and a couple of dogs. During testing, we shared the car with another journalist, both people being 6ft2. We found no issue with space up front. Although, it was a tight squeeze to get us in the back.

The boot has 312 litres of space. This is reasonable for a car this size, and beats the likes of the Honda-e and Fiat 500e.

How much does the e208 cost?

Prices for the upgraded 2024 Peugeot e208 start at €32,780 in Ireland. For that you get the basic Allure spec. If you opt for the GT version, you’re paying from €36,000. Although there’s cheaper options out there, many will consider this a reasonable price to pay for a beautiful and comfortable car.

Overall thoughts?

The Peugeot e208 has gotten a timely and impressive makeover. The larger battery has gotten real world range past 300km, which is enough to get you across the country on a single charge. It charges well, and uses its energy fairly efficiently.

We think the refreshed e208 will be one of the best looking EVs on the Irish market when it gets into customer hands in early 2024. It shows a bit of passion and flair that elevates it above some of the competition. Fingers crossed Peugeot have good supply and we see it on Irish roads in numbers!

The big question is will this be in the running for an AA Ireland Car Award in 2024?

Although it would be nice to buy a new car like the e208, most people are in the market for a used car…so why not consider an AA Approved Dealer. There are 1,000s of used cars on our online portal here!

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