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Peugeot e308 Peugeot e308

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Peugeot e308

Published 27th November 2023Read Time 3 min

An icon reborn electric!

What is the Peugeot e308?

It is the all-electric version of Peugeot’s classic hatchback. It’s a modestly sized electric vehicle with good range, charging, power, and space. The e308 is beautifully designed, and is perhaps one of the best looking moderately priced EVs on the market.

What is the range of the Peugeot e308?

The car has a 50.8kWh usable battery, for a WLTP range of just over 400km. In the real world, a figure like 300-320km is probably more realistic in general Irish driving. In testing in Spain, we were on track for around 350km out of a charge.

Beautiful design!

Peugeot did a great job refining the looks of the 308 for this generation. It is sleek, aggressive and refined all at the same time. Inside, it impresses even at basic Allure spec. Step up to the GT version and you get some nice extras plus some lovely design flourishes. 

How fast does the e308 charge?

The e308 comes with 11kW AC charging as standard. On DC, rates go up to 100kW. Considering this will be relatively efficient, that is a good amount of range to be putting back in on a quick motorway stop.

Is the Peugeot e308 spacious?

Yes, and no! For a hatchback, it does quite well, and we were able to fit 4 adults of 6ft in the car. The boot has a capacity of nearly 400 litres which is plenty for most people. It certainly is big enough to fit a buggy and the weekly shop in there. Bigger options will be available for less money from the competition however.

Overall thoughts?

The e308 is an exciting addition to Ireland’s electric car fleet. It is beautifully designed, and feels great on the road. Perhaps it could have done with a little more power to keep up with the competition, but anyone coming from a 1.6 litre hatchback will find it fairly brisk.

Pricing will be key, so we’ll keep an eye out for that. For now, the signs are very good!
Check out our video on it:

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