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Polestar 3 coming to Ireland from €99,900 Polestar 3 coming to Ireland from €99,900

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Polestar 3 coming to Ireland from €99,900

Published 13th October 2022Read Time 37 min

This is the new Polestar 3. It is an almost €100,000 EV SUV from fledgling brand Polestar, a close relative of Volvo.

Power comes from two electric motors putting out 489hp in the Long Range Dual Motor version, which has 840Nm of torque but there is also a performance version with 517hp and 910Nm of torque.

610km Range

The Long Range version has a WLTP Range figure of up to 610km thanks to a monster 111kWh battery, 107 of which is useable, with the Performance Pack shaving off around 30km of range and strangely, only getting to 100km/h 0.3 seconds faster.

Underneath the skin, there is air suspension as standard and this allows the car to adapt between comfort and dynamic suspension characteristics.

The Polestar can charge at up to 250 kW which means 10-80% in just 30 minutes at the right charger. There is also the possibility of bi-directional charging and a heat pump is included as standard, helping the car utilise ambient heat for climate- and battery pre-conditioning.

This is a vast vehicle, just under 5 metres long and with a 484-litres luggage capacity. Polestar says there are no plans to offer this as a 7-seater, leaving that to Volvo’s forthcoming new XC90.

Safety is of course a huge priority and there are five radar modules, five external cameras and twelve external ultrasonic sensors to support numerous advanced safety features.

Inside there is a 14.5-inch centre display with a Google lead system and over-the-air updates are included to allow for continuous improvement and which means you can add new features without having to go to a dealer.

Order books open right away, but don’t expect to see the first cars in Ireland before this time next year.