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AA urges all road users to take care ahead of the long weekend

Published 3rd May 2022Read Time 4 min

AA urges all road users to take care ahead of the long weekend

With an increase in the number of motorists on Irish roads expected over the coming days, the AA is urging all road users to exercise additional caution and patience to keep this weekend a safe one.

Before you take to the roads it’s important to remember to check your car is in good working order first.

Check your tyres for tread depth and pressure – don’t forget to check your spare too. Have a look under the bonnet to make sure you have enough oil, water and washer fluid. Ask a friend or relative to help you check your car lights.

With Irish weather so unpredictable, it’s probably a good idea to make sure your window wipers are clean or replace them if necessary.

This weekend, there may be an increase in drink-driving levels, and an increase in irresponsible driver behaviour as people rush to try to reach their destination as quickly as possible. More pedestrians and cyclists will be out and about, so the AA is encouraging motorists to be mindful of that.

People may also suffer from fatigue after a long journey. So, slow down, stop and take breaks where necessary. As well as this, make sure to wear your seat belt and reduce your speed.

Sun glare may be an issue when driving, walking or cycling and as a result, it can be near impossible to see at times thanks to eye level glare, especially if your windscreen is dirty. The AA is advising motorists to have a pair of sun glasses in their car and to make sure their windscreens are clean.

Keep your speed right down, put on your shades and keep your distance from the car in front. For many drivers their first reaction is to slam on the brakes when their vision is compromised and the last thing you want is to slam into the back of them.

With an increase expected in the number of people undertaking length journeys this weekend, the AA Rescue team is bracing itself, with additional resources being deployed as an increase in the number of breakdowns is expected.