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AA Updates - Latest Traffic / Breakdown and Insurance Updates

Published 28th February 2018Read Time 5 min

AA Membership

Our AA patrols are operational nationwide. AA Members please download our app ( from here ) or call 0818 667788 for breakdown assistance.

AA Insurance

Due to Storm Emma our insurance call centre is closed. However, you can still purchase and renew your insurance policies online.

AA Traffic Updates

For the latest traffic information on traffic check out the AA Roadwatch Website and Twitter pages.

With the east coast of the country under heavy blankets of snow and further snowfall expected in the coming days, AA Ireland is advising customers to avoid driving where possible. Please note that the Government is urging people to be indoors by 4pm on Thursday, 01 March at the latest and to stay indoors until further notice. However, if you do need to travel please follow this advice.

  1. Reduce your speed: It’s old advice but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. When driving in snow or icy conditions it’s important that you reduce your speed accordingly. This will give you extra time to react to any incidents which you may come across while driving and also greatly reduces your risk of skidding or losing control of your vehicle.
  2. Allow extra braking distance: In snow or icy conditions it can take up to 10 times longer for your car to come to a halt when braking. By leaving extra distance between you and any car in front of you, you can greatly reduce your risk of being involved in a collision.
  3. Avoid sudden movements: As well as slowing down while driving it’s important that you avoid any sudden movements, including sharp turns or sudden braking. By sticking to slow, gentle manoeuvres you are more likely to make it to your destination safely.
  4. Check your tyres: If you do have to travel then set a few minutes aside before your journey to check that your tyre pressure is correct. Furthermore, ensure there is enough thread depth left on your tyres (while the legal requirement is 1.6mm, AA Ireland advises replacing your tyres when the depth falls below 3mm.) If your tyres are damaged or overly worn simply do not travel. Click here for more advice on getting your car winter ready.
  5. Avoid boiling water when deicing your car: Never pour boiling water over your windshield when trying to remove snow or ice as this will likely result in your windshield cracking. Instead use warm water and ensure that your windscreen, windows and all mirrors are fully cleared before you leave. Don’t drive if you have only cleared a small space on your windscreen.

Need to make a claim?

Need to make a claim due to the snow? Our claims lines are open 24 hours – call the relevant number below.
Claims Number
Opening Times
Car Insurance
0818 467 101
24 Hours
Home Insurance
RSA – 1800 100 001
Aviva – 1800 100 001
24 Hours
Home Membership
1800 252 626
24 Hours
Travel Insurance
24 Hours
If you require roadside assistance, contact us on 0818 667788

Have a question? Get in touch with our customer service 👌

0818 227 228

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